Berko Pharmaceuticals

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Founded in 1984, Berko Pharmaceuticals established its production facility operating on an area of 20,000 sqm in Istanbul in 2007. The company produces liquids, tablets, capsules, drops, pomades and sachet powders. Annual production capacity is 55 million boxes. The company’s products are pharmaceuticals, OTCs, herbal medicines, cosmetics and food supplements. Berko Pharmaceuticals exports its products to 5 countries.


Atabay Kimya

"Our liquid manufacturing capacity under normal working conditions is 6,500,000 boxes per year for syrups; 6,500,000 boxes per year for drops; and 8,000,000 boxes per year for solid medicines. With our mobile sales team of 150 representatives across Turkey, our head office team of 42 people and our 90 plant employees, together we are proud to serve our public," writes Berko in its website.