MZT Learnica

MachinesIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2017

In 1945 MZT Learnica was founded as a department MZT Tito. In 1970 a significant reconstruction with new furnaces and Gisak semi-automatic moulding lines was performed in the foundry. In 2006, the company installed new melting aggregates and agreed to realize a new automatic moulding line with a new sand plant and shot blasting machine.

The company manufactures castings from gray, ductile iron (90%), and nonferrous metals with fully circular technological line - starting from the manufacturing pattern equipment, core making, moulding, pouring, shot blasting, machining, coating, packing, and warehousing in own store for selling.

As most important products of its portfolio MZT Learnica defines: parts for machine industry, fittings (with flanges and pipes, with tyton junction, for plastic pipes, with flanges mobile and pipes for plastic pipes with flange mobile), decorative products, air valves and hydrants, sewage armour and parts by agreement.

"MZT Learnica A.D. pays special attention to the quality of the products fully respecting request of the customers, taking in mind satisfaction with product and business cooperation," tells the corporate website.

MTZ Learnica states that development is their imperative, through which they secure competitiveness on market and company profitability with inclusion of employees in the development of the same according their knowledge and experience.