RZ Institut

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The RZ Institut started its work in 1967, and since 2001 is a fully private-owned company.



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Its main activities comprise: production of aluminium and copper alloys in ingots, steel deoxidation aluminium alloys; production of ramming masses for induction industrial furnaces, masses for torquetting of electric furnaces, ground chamotte and dolomite, metallurgical lime, additives and other non-metal products for steel industry, foundries and metalwork plants; production of aluminium and copper alloys castings in sand moulds - elements for sewerage and water systems, underground hydrants, fire hydrants, ventile heads, pipes, brass and bronze art casting - sculptures, statues, plaques, ornamental articles; laboratory services for mining and metallurgy.

The annual production of the firm amounts to 2000 tons of aluminium alloys - ingots and castings, 500 tons of bronze and brass - ingots and castings, and 2500 tons non-metal products.