MachinesIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2016

Termovent is a company specialized in manufacturing and design of HVAC equipment and process systems. The company’s production program includes air handling units for various purposes, from standard modular design air handling units to ceiling-mounted, compact, swimming pool and hygienic air handling units.

Termovent also manufactures floor convectors, wall convectors, air heaters, industrial fans, air curtains, heat exchangers, distribution elements and CRT products.

"As a result of having mastered the application of one of the most demanding ventilation system - Clean Room Technology (CRT), we have set up a separate sector within the company - Termovent Engineering, which provides a full service in the field of clean rooms", the company says.

The company operates within the areas of: Construction of clean rooms (GMP-class A, B, C and D) made of Termovent modular component system; Design of HVAC Systems; Equipment Manufacturing, Delivery and Installation; Manufacturing, Delivery and Installation of Central Automation Systems; Equipment Commissioning and Start-Up and Measurement with Calibrated Measuring Instruments; Preparation of validation documents in accordance with the GMP requirements as follows: validation plan (VP), design qualification (DQ), functional design specification (FDS), IQ and OQ documentation with tests.