MachinesIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2016

Techniflex provides industrial hoses and air ducts, especially designs and products having different diameter and material which can be used where a practical, flexible and effective solutions to transfer the cold and/or warm air are needed.

"Techniflex has determined a market inefficiency in the heating devices with burners industry and has penetrated said market with a limited production capacity at the time, as well as created its own unique design rather than imitating the present systems. Being aware of the importance of R&D, the company has adopted constant renovation as a principle and in doing so it has never compromised quality.

Designing the first three-level combustion chamber in the burner heating devices, the firm has continued its activities with pride as a the leader in its field. In line with the requirements of the customers, Techniflex has increased its product range to 6 and confirmed its quality with the TSE accreditation of the heaters it produces," the company says.