Electronics IndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2016

Autostart Ltd. specializes in the supply of automotive electrical and electronic parts and components, as well as test equipment.

Located in Novi Sad, Serbia, Autostart is the only company in this region that offers a wide range of automotive electrical and electronic parts and components for personal and commercial vehicles, as well as an extensive range of parts with checked and guaranteed quality.

Autostart produces products from the following groups: Commercial program - spark-plugs, filters, belts, wiper blades, glow plugs, injection nozzles, brake systems; Diesel program - high pressure diesel pump parts, nozzle holder parts, nozzle and holder assembly, part sets; Fuel injection systems - fuel pumps, airflow/air mass sensors, oxygen sensors, various sensors, electromagnetic valves; Ignition systems - distributor caps, distributor rotors, silicone ignition leads, various sensors, ignition coils, ignition modules; Starter and alternator parts - armatures, solenoid switches, drives, rectifiers, voltage regulators, pulleys, field coils, planetary gears; Test equipment - DEC and Bosch test equipment, accessories and free training.