Electronics IndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2015

Festo is specialized in manufacturing of sensors and sensor applications. It was established in1993.
The Bulgarian manufacturing is one of the biggest that the company operates.
The company is active in the production of magnetic sensors and automation applications. Since 1997 Festo Bulgaria has been specializing in the manufacturing of sensors and sensor applications. It operates manufacturing facilities in Sofia and Smolyan.

Among Festo’s key products manufactured in Bulgaria are: production of fluid and magnetic sensors with various applications in automotive, machine building and other industries; cable applications for sensors and valves.

In September 2015 Festo Production inaugurated its new manufacturing facilities in Sofia.
The investment in expanded production amounts to 19.2 million leva. The company announced its plans for a significant new extension the next three years opening more new jobs, investment in machinery and equipment for new products and automation of production amounting to 25 million leva.

The planned investment program is already underway with the purchase of land for the construction of the new capacities. Festo also plans increasing the level of automation of its production process. The newly built production facilities in Sofia are located on 8700 square meters. At present, the overall production base of Festo Production, including the extension, occupies a total area of 20 000 sq. m.

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