EnergyIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2015


Robotina is а provider of renewable energy solutions. Тhe company has developed a wide range of equipment and solutions including solar plant supervisory system, string monitors, control units and application software.

It offers a complete service since the technical support, training and service are included in the company’s operations. The maintenance and continuous support is ensured during and after the guarantee period.

Today the company cooperates with more than 800 costumers. It is directly or indirectly present on the markets of Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, India, China, Brazil and many others.

The overall extension of operation and the enlargement of the market are reflected in the actual growth of the company which has developed from a company with only two employees into a company with five business seats and more than 50 employees. In the latest two years Robotina is progressively entering Asian markets like Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and including India, especially in the building automation and solar power plant supervising fields.