EnergyIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2015


Energoberen is one of Croatia’s leading companies in the field of reliable (uninterrupted) AC and DC power supply systems, including solutions for PV plants. Since its establishment in 1993 it has been developing its offerings and has gained a large number of partners (large and small companies). Now it covers a significant part of Croatian market, and has strong presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.

The company’s activities are ranging from the simple supply of components to complete turn key solutions. Its offer includes: photovoltaic panels; sine wave inverter-chargers; solar batteries; battery chargers; charge controllers; sine wave converters; battery separators, isolators and protection.

Energoberen’s production program covers a broad selection of components for system development, or stand alone power supply. The company is among the largest suppliers in the country of batteries for UPS and alarm systems.