KMG EOL Kvazar

EnergyIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2015

KMG EOL Kvazar Skopje was established in 2007 and specializes in the design of energy saving solutions by means of innovative solar products intended not only for energy saving but for environment protection.

The company is a representative of the Ukrainian manufacturer PJSC Kvazar, thus obtaining a complete technical and expertise help in solar systems designing and construction. PJSC Kvazar has significant experience in the field since 1961 and has over 8.000 employees, dedicated to photovoltaic cells, solar modules and solar systems manufacture in Ukraine.

KMG EOL Kvazar procures and distributes products in the field of solar energy, such as LED lights and solar systems for illumination as well as power systems or systems for electricity production and sale, installation and dismantling of existing equipment, and performance of any kind of solar or solar-hybrid system.