Solen Energy Turkey

EnergyIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2015

Solen offers turnkey projects to individual users, farmers, manufacturers, municipalities, tourism business owners, construction and engineering companies within the principle of high quality and customer satisfaction all over the Turkey, and meets their needs by means of renewable energy based solutions.

The company manufactures photovoltaic modules and energy storage units, components for off-grid systems and grid connected systems and distributes charge regulators and inverters for PV systems.

”Solar energy systems have decreased in terms of development and cost and made themselves recognized as an environmental clean source of energy. Solar energy technologies vary highly in terms of method, equipment and technological level.

Off-grid systems are generally the systems which can only be supported by renewable energy sources at regions distant from digs and where electric supplied from grid of the city is not reachable. Usually, it is more expensive to bring grid to regions than installation cost of photovoltaic system”, company experts said.

The company offers grid connected PV power stations - PV systems, generally installed to support local energy requirements, whose power differs between 10 kWp and several MWp; grid connected decentralized PV power systems which has become recently common and placed at roof and surface of the buildings. Typically their power differs between 1kWp and 50 kWp, and it is delivered PV power station used with bidirectional counter application.