EnergyIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2015

Girasolar, established in 2004, was one of the foreign companies who realized the high solar potential of solar energy in Turkey. Girasolar reacted on the Renewable Energy Act which was effectuated in 2005 in Turkey and initially entered the sector as a supplier company.

Girasolar’s philosophy is that a solid operating power plant needs state of the art components. The company has long lasting partnerships with world known suppliers of energy components. Whether it concerns photovoltaic power plant materials or small scale wind energy solutions for integration in smart-grids, Girasolar is able to offer it all.

Girasolar offers modules of various brands and technologies, inverters, mounting structures and off-grid components. The company’s portfolio includes small scale wind turbines with both vertical and horizontal axis; modules, inverters, AC/DC components; mounting structures for ground mounted systems; structures for each roof-type; off-grid components for island and back-up systems.