GEST Energy

EnergyIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2015

GEST Energy is a branch of Gungor Corporate Group, one of the important players on the Turkish energy and renewable energy market. GEST Energy offers turn-key projects EPC (engineering, provision and construction) as well as photovoltaic panel manufacturing and integrations.

The company’s portfolio includes: photovoltaic panels manufacturing, engineering and planning solar plant setup. Some of the products are: mono panels, poli panels, inverters, solar centrifugal pump systems, submersible solar pump systems, solar lighting systems.

The photovoltaic board line of products is European origin, with 100-150 MW capacities and has the latest technology. PV cell string and implantation automatically line up with zero error and are placed on the panel with the help of robot, untouched by human hands by means of camera and electronic control mechanism on the cell typesetter.

All the phases of manufacturing progress as fully automatic logic and technology is used in the most productive way. Finally, quality and performance tests are applied with the recent technology of world standards and modules are made suitable for the project.