ATSCO Solar Panel

EnergyIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2015

Founded in 2011, ATSCO aims to be a leading photovoltaic module manufacturer, distributor and installer of polycristaline solar panels ranging from 5 W to 290 W. The company’s corporate headquarters are located 40 km north of London in Luton, England and the one-thousand square meter manufacturing facility is located in the city of Izmir on the west coast of Turkey.

ATSCO’s modern PV panel production and assembly lines combine core processes with automation and measurement technologies to maintain and improve control and productivity. The company has specialized units responsible for production assembly, quality control, supply chain, research and development and business development. Its products are exported mainly to the EU and Turkey but ATSCO is looking to distribute products for further projects around the world.