TMTS 2014 Highlights: Keyarrow

MachinesEventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2015

Taiwan-based Keyarrow is a premier maker and exporter of parts and accessories of machine tools. The main products of the company include: hinged belt type conveyors, scraper type conveyors, screw type conveyors, drum type conveyors, magnetism-scraper type conveyors, filter frame type conveyors, integrated conveyors, conveying systems for factories, oil separators, etc.

”Our qualified team of technicians creates innovative products such as CSPM with many patents of many countries. Strict QC systems are also implemented to give customers finished products of exceptional quality. On account of the high quality, advanced technology, we authorize NABELL in Japan to produce its products.

Years of experience has made us an expert in this field. However, we never cease improving. We’ll be committed to providing competitive pricing and peak quality, making our products a profitable investment for each buyer.”, the company states.