Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products in Bulgaria: Zebra

Automation & RoboticsIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2015

Zebra is a Bulgarian company, founded in 1929. Already 75 years the company is a leader in production of V-belts, rubber sheets and floorings, super-elastic and press-on solid tires, rubber compounds, rubberized rollers, filtering gas masks and protective clothing, wide range of molded all rubber and rubber-metal goods.

The company is the only producer in Bulgaria for most of the above-listed goods. Major markets of Zebra AD are the states of the EU and USA. The export share amounts to 60-70 % of the total sales, and the trend is for its further growth. The basic competitive advantage of the company is the development of the innovation process trough creation of new products and enlarging of the already existing portfolio.

Zebra AD is shareholder in two joint ventures with leading European companies, which have passed a vote of confidence in the experience and the abilities of Zebra’s management and staff. In 1996, Zebra AD and the Italian company ”S.I.S.A.S. Segnaletica” have entered into the joint venture ”S.I.S.A.S. Zebra International” for the production of rubber-made products for horizontal road marking. A joint venture between Zebra AD and ”Gummiwerk Kraiburg” for the production of precured heavy automotive treads was set up in 2001.