Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products in Bulgaria: Agropolychim

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Agropolychim AD is a leading producer of nitrate fertilizers in South Eastern Europe and a leader in the production of phosphate fertilizers on the Balkan Peninsula. 99.3 % of the shares of Agropolychim are property of Acid&Fertilizers, BVI, under the control of Bulgarian and Belgian shareholders.

Agropolychim is located in the town of Devnya, Northeast Bulgaria, in the immediate vicinity of Varna West Port on the Black Sea coast, and it has a direct link to the national railway network. Share of exports in production varies between 55% and 70%. Markets: Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Asia.

Environmental investment projects at more than 50 m euro in value. Major ones include ammonium nitrate installation with design capacity of 1250 t/24h; water treatment plant for the waste water from phosphorus production - implemented in cooperation with new phosphor-gypsum waste depot with a total capacity of 7.3 m tons. Agropolychim plans to construct in cooperation with Port Varna West a unique logistics hub for liquid cargo.