MachinesIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2014

DIOKI d.d. was founded in 1995 as a merger of INA-OKI d.d. of Zagreb, DINA d.d. of Omisalj and INA-Naftaplin’s Ethylene Production Unit of Zagreb. OKI - Organic Petrochemical Company was founded in 1959, and it was the first producer of petrochemicals and plastics in the country. DINA was established as a joint-venture of INA and the Dow Chemical Company to be acquired by INA in the 1980s. INA-Naftaplin’s Ethylene Production Unit was founded in 1982.

Until the end of 1996 the Company had been a member of the INA-Group, then INA transferred it to the State Agency for Deposit Insurance and Bank Rehabilitation (DAB). In the process of voucher privatization in 1998, a 51% stake in the company was transferred to privatization and investment funds (PIFs). Since 29 November 1999, the company has been operating under the name DIOKI d.d.

On 1 February 2003 the company separated its operations on Krk Island to establish two companies, i.e. Adria procesna industrija dionicko drustvo (API) and Kijac nekretnine d.d. (Kijac). In October 2004 the company was fully privatized, and DIOKI Holding AG, headquartered in Switzerland, became the majority owner. In the privatization process DIOKI acquired Kemikalije d.o.o. and thus the Zagreb site was fully integrated - from tank farm areas to final products.

In March 2005 API d.d. took the old name DINA d.d. In May 2008, DIOKI d.d. acquired Rijecki list d.o.o, a majority owner of a publishing company Novi List d.d., Rijeka. In 2009, DIOKI d.d. founded Dioplin d.d., Zagreb. The basic activities of the company involve gas trade; gas supply to favoured customers; agency in the gas market; representation in the gas market; gas procurement, storage and distribution; and gas supply.

DIOKI d.d. is one of the biggest exporters in Croatia. At present the company exports 80% of its production volume. A long export tradition and the fact that DIOKI’s products are readily marketable on the European markets prove their quality and competitiveness.