MachinesIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2014

VIOMES S.A., founded in 1982, is a leader in the Greek market in the field of plastic household products. Its high production capacity, long-term commercial experience as well as its know-how in the production of injection moulds, have led the company through a successful course to a continuously increasing market share.

The sales network of the company is expanding all over Greece, including big chains of super markets, wholesalers, as well as representatives in all the big cities. Exports are realized either directly or through multinational clients and finally, an important part of company’s sales is addressed to the Marketing-Promotion field, as VIOMES S.A. is capable of producing plastic injection products for advertising purposes.

The central offices and the industrial installations are located in a plot of 16.000 m2 at the industrial zone in Mesogia, Attica. In the 8.000 m2 buildings of the company a great number of injection machines of German origin are installed, with high technology and production capacity of a few grams up to 7.500 gr (PS).

Moreover, the company owns a fully equipped mould-manufacturing unit, where the moulds for the production of its items are made. The unit is equipped with CNC milling machines, a CNC lathe and various compatible machines, as well as a CAD/CAM program, all of them making it one of the most efficient and modern in Greece.

With the above-mentioned equipment and the know-how acquired through the years, the company is capable of offering high quality service, not only in the field of the moulds construction and the processing of metals - achieving high accuracy, and having at the same time the necessary flexibility - but also in the production of any injected product with plastic raw material, based on its high experience in this field of application.