MachinesIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2014

Daios Plastics S.A was founded in 1974 as an ordinary partnership company mainly producing shopping bags. Within a short period of time the company focused exclusively in the production of specialized films for agricultural applications. According to the company’s philosophy of growth and innovation, it has launched several products in the market which offer solutions to the problems that the farmers face.

In 1977 the company installed a blown film line, producing film with a variable thickness profile. It started producing innovative patented films for drying tobacco leaves and raisins. In 1980 the company launched a new product targeting the cultivation of seedless grapes. In the mid 1980s the Daios Plastics was producing specialized high pressure irrigation pipes and flat soft PVC tubes.

Looking for close and creative cooperation with similar companies, it came in contact with the Israeli company Plastro Gvat and in 1988 it started producing a type of specialized, self-adjusting drip irrigation pipe. By the end of 1980s the company, in a partnership with the well known Dow Chemicals, came into an agreement for the use of a special type of raw material. In parallel it launched a new series of products with the trade name Dalin.

The first product of this series was aimed at the specific needs of cotton cultivation. Hence it changed dramatically the existing cultivation methods, providing the cotton growers with a powerful tool to confront the problems that the cotton cultivation had.

Offering solutions for the dynamic and lucrative cultivations, the company came forward with several products for the cultivation of asparagus. Making use of the technology and the know-how that the company had acquired, it launched new products like Dalin Black, inaugurating a new innovative product series.

Today Daios Plastics’ products are widely accepted by the customers and their popularity is mirrored by the considerable improvement of the financial indices of the company. The Dalin pocket series expands with new products that are not just improvements of the old products but they are the evolution of the cultivation itself. A string of patents stems from the Research & Development team boosting the total number of patents to 16.

The quality and innovative character of the products is acknowledged by the demanding European markets and the company exports its products to several of the West and Central European countries. The competitive advantages that the company has (among which the continuous research and development is crucial) have made it a protagonist and a leader on the European markets.