Spesima, SEEIM - issue 4, 2017


Spesima GmbH:

28 years on the way to innovation

Spesima GmbH (Specialized Systems for Automation) is a Bulgarian-German Joint Venture, a 100% private enterprise. The German shareholder is Frech Internationale Beteiligungen GmbH. The parent company is Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG, an industry leading producer of hot and cold chamber die casting machines.

Spesima GmbH was founded in 1989 and its main business activity is the development and implementation of specialized systems for automation of the industrial production.In addition, Spesima GmbH specializes in mechatronic systems, VPN diagnostics and service, industrial engineering, CAD design and CNC processing.

The company‘s specialized robots for automation of horizontal die casting machines of Zinc, Magnesium and Aluminium applications are exported to over 30 countries worldwide like Germany, France, Great Britain, Austria, Spain, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Taiwan, Singapore, China, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Croatia, Romania, Serbia and others.

In 2014, Spesima GmbH added the re-engineering of industrial robots to its portfolio. This is an opportunity for developing eco-friendly, energy efficient and innovative business. The engineers use the reliable mechanical construction of the industrial robots and develop an entirely new hardware, software and interface for the robot, customized to match the client’s needs. To be able to do this, Spesima engineers apply up-to-date mechatronic approach for the function-structural and dynamic analysis, computer modelling and other methods that lead to creating know-how.

For its 28 years on the market, Spesima has always been on the way to innovation, possessing more than 25 patented products, registered utility models and trademarks.

The company‘s products have been participating in numerous exhibitions (e.g GIFA in Germany, FICMES in China, ANKIROS in Turkey, RAE in Russia, etc.) and fairs, won many awards and medals, of which the Award of the German Economy in Bulgaria for 2006, Gold Medal from the International Technical Exhibition in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (1997 & 2012), the Award for Innovative Company of 2004 and 2012 of the Applied Research and Communications Fund.

The company has more than 4 000 sq m own production facilities, as well as 800 sq m engineering office. Spesima GmbH employs about 40 highly qualified professionals with higher education, of which 5 PhDs in various engineering specialties.

The company is closely cooperating with Bulgarian organizations and universities. Spesima GmbH is a member of the German-Bulgarian Economic and Trade Chamber, the Bulgarian Industrial Association, Society of Automatics and Informatics Union, Robotics Association and cooperating with the Bulgarian Academy of Science and the Technical University in Sofia. Our social commitment is also reflected by the number of the students and undergraduates who are regularly trained in Spesima GmbH and make their university projects and graduation works.

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