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Pinpoint the Exact Source of All these Leaks!


Spectronics Corporation invented fluorescent leak detection in 1955 and has been the premier manufacturer of ultraviolet dyes and inspection lamps for over half a century. Spectonics supplies over 1,000 different products for literally hundreds of markets and applications.

Spectronics also has a significant presence in the HVAC/R and industrial markets. SpectrolineТ fluorescent AC&R dyes are ASHTRAY and ANSI compliant, are approved by more compressor manufacturers than all others combined, and are the only lubricant-specific, co-solvent free dyes in the industry. Spectronics also manufactures hydraulic, fuel and water dyes for large-capacity industrial systems, helping facilities save thousands of dollars each year on replacement fluids, cleanups and equipment downtime.

Utilizing its extensive expertise in ultraviolet technology has allowed Spectronics to develop products in such diverse markets as banking (counterfeit currency detection), the life sciences (gel image documentation), and in the exacting fields of forensic inspection and nondestructive testing. Additionally, Spectronics’ products are used in UV curing, EPROM erasing, mineralogy, and water and air sanitization.

Leak Detection/ How It Works

It’s a simple fact: circulate refrigerant, oil, coolant, fuel, hydraulic fluid or automatic transmission fluid and sooner or later leaks will develop. Leaks are often virtually impossible to find with conventional methods until they result in expensive vehicle failure.

A small amount of fluorescent dye is added to an air conditioning, refrigeration or industrial fluid system and allowed to circulate. The dye escapes with the system’s refrigerant or fluid and remains at all leak sites. When the system is scanned with a SpectrolineТ TITANТ UV/BlueTM, Blue Max PlusTM, or ultraviolet inspection lamp, the dye fluoresces brilliantly to pinpoint the exact source of every leak. Proven to find multiple and intermittent leaks undetectable by any other method. Even leaks smaller than 1/8 ounce per year!

Easily verify repairs by removing the dye from the leak sites with GLO-AWAYTM dye cleaner and then reinspect. The dye can remain safely in AC&R or fluid systems indefinitely for future leak inspections.

Fluorescent leak detection is the only method that can be used for both accurate diagnostics and as part of a comprehensive preventive maintenance program.

AR-GLOТ fluorescent dyes are the only dyes that are co-solvent free and OEM-approved by major compressor, refrigerant, lubricant and AC&R equipment manufacturers.

AR-GLO dyes are super-concentrated, lubricant-specific and proven in over 40 million AC&R systems worldwide.

AR-GLO dyes are completely safe and will not alter or impair lubricant properties, which could lead to equipment damage and costly downtime. They have been successfully tested in accordance with ASHRAE Standards 97 and 86.

Spectroline fluorescent leak detection (U.S. Patent No. 5,149,453) uses ultraviolet or UV/blue light inspection lamps and AR-GLO fluorescent dyes which are compatible with all sizes of AC&R units and all commonly used refrigerantsЧincluding R-134a! The dyes are infused into the AC&R system while it operates through the use of the unique EZ-JectTMs dye injection system (patent pending), prefilled GLO-STICK capsules (U.S. Patent No. 5,167,140) or the refillable Mist InfuserTM (U.S. Patent No. 4,938,063). The Spectroline method locates multiple leaks, leaks that are not detectable by any other method, even those smaller than 1/8 oz per year, and never gives false alarms. It works with virtually all refrigerants, conserves expensive refrigerant, and is completely safe to compressors, associated AC&R components and refrigerants.

Spectroline leak detection finds all types of air-conditioning and refrigeration leaks-big or small, wherever they hide-in tubing, solder joints, fittings, valves, compressors, coils-even seals around moving shafts!

The Spectroline method pinpoints the exact source of most leaks in just minutes with a bright fluorescent glow! Extremely small leaks are so slow that you may have to let the dye circulate for a day or two before you’ll see them. But once the dye has time to circulate, you’ll find leaks as soon as you shine your UV lamp on them!

The Spectroline method slashes service time by finding leaks faster. It saves refrigerant by eliminating unnecessary recharges and maximizes efficiency by lowering energy bills. Reduced refrigerant consumption and faster servicing translate into lower-cost repairs, increased customer satisfaction and higher service profits. In addition, since the Spectroline method makes finding leaks so fast and easy, AC&R units can operate at their full efficiency without wasting energy.

AR-GLO dyes have been proven safe by tests in accordance with the stringent ASHRAE standards 97 and 86. They never need to be removed from the AC&R system. In fact, they are specially designed to remain in the system so you can easily confirm if your repair was successful as well as for routine maintenance checks in the future.

Spectroline fluorescent leak detection is far superior to competitors’ leak detection systems in many ways:

• The AR-GLO fluorescent dyes used in Spectroline fluorescent leak detection have been proven safe to compressors, associated AC&R components and refrigerants by tests in accordance with the stringent standards of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air- Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This means that when you use AR-GLO dyes you can be absolutely certain no harm will come to the system you’re testing. AR-GLO dyes have been successfully infused into over 40 million AC&R systems to date worldwide.

• AR-GLO dyes are approved by major compressor, AC&R equipment and refrigerant manufacturers.

• Higher-intensity Spectroline inspection lamps give you more power for your money, greater ease of use and better value.

• The unique Mist Infusers, with their transparent housings and two control valves, permit the user to maintain complete control over the infusion process for maximum safety. They are available in four different models for use with AC&R systems of all sizes.

• The patented GLO-STICK capsules make infusing AR-GLO even faster, easier and cleaner. The disposable capsules are prefilled with premeasured doses of AR-GLO. They are available in four different concentrations.

• The EZ-Ject system offers the convenience of one easy connection and calibrated cartridges so you’ll introduce exactly the right amount of dye every time! Dye cartridges are available for mineral oil, ester and alkyl benzene lubricant systems.

• Bottled AR-GLO fluorescent dyes are available in five different concentrations to exactly match the user’s needs.

• Spectroline lamps are built tougher to withstand hard, round-the-clock use.

We offer a wide range of leak detection kits, lamps, dyes and accessories to meet your specific needs. The kits are complete. They work with your charging gauges using standard hoses and bulk refrigerant. You only need to reorder the fluorescent dyes you use. For any further information please contact us.

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