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IndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2007

"South-Eastern Europe traditionally use electromechanical meters but more recently the use of electronic meters has been increasing. Specifically, AMR and other remote reading systems have increased their penetration but are not widely used in the domestic sector."


"The market of the electronic meters for electricity is a growing one because the electromechanical meters are increasingly being replaced by static equivalents due to the functional improvements associated with these, such as the AMR functionality and improved measuring sensitivity, the off-the-shelf costs being now comparable."


"Increase in energy demand and residence area will definitely trigger market capacity for the energy meter and natural gas meter especially in Turkey and South-Eastern Europe."

GURBUZ Hakan, Electrical Engineer Sales & Marketing Representative, FEDERAL ELEKTRIK

"The “smart utilities metering” has started attracting the attention of the utilities companies in parallel with the ever decreasing natural resources and ever increasing generation costs. The utilities companies in developed and developing countries have become fully aware of the progress achieved in electronic metering, meter reading and data processing technologies, and they are determined in the fight against revenue losses associated with “non-technical losses”. This market appears to be a promising market in the very near future."

AGUSMAN Melih, Executive Vice General Manager, Foreign Trade and Investments, EAS (Electronic Advanced Systems) Electronics Industry and Trade Inc.

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