issue 2, June 2017

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SEE Electronics

The next generation in digital power supply control
Digital control in power conversion continues to develop, thanks to the latest improvements in both the analog and digital domainsTom Spohrer, Microchip Technology ... more

SEE Exhibition

TAITRA organized a media tour of machine building factories in Taiwan
The leading publishing house for specialized technical periodical publications TLL Media was part of a media tour of factories in the field of machine building in Taiwan. The tour, ... more
NANOTEXNOLOGY in Greece will explore nanotechnologies, organic electronics and nanomedicine
From July 1st to July 8th this year the town of Thessaloniki, Greece, hosts the largest technology, networking and matchmaking annual event in Europe on nanotechnologies "NANOTEXNOLOGY". ... more

SEE News and Business

Marquardt to create 600 new jobs in Macedonia
A new factory of the German company Marquardt was officially opened in the industrial zone Karaslari in Veles, Macedonia. The factory that will produce high-tech parts for the German ... more

ESD Bulgaria participated in the Belgrade Fair for Technical and Technological achievements
ESD Bulgaria participated in the 61st International Fair for Technical and Technological achievements in Belgrade, Serbia, which took place from May 15th to May 19th 2017. The exhibition emphasized ... more

The Bulgarian branch of Titan Machinery opened a new sales-service center
The Bulgarian representative of the American dealer of agricultural and construction equipment, Titan Machinery, officially opened its new sales-service center in Sofia. The company welcomed over 200 guests at ... more

Serbian energy company NIS opens gas facility near Pozarevac
A new facility of Naftna Industrija Srbije (NIS) for production and wholesale of natural compressed gas was opened on May 23 this year in the gas field Ostrovo near ... more

Another oil port in Porto Romano
The Albanian National Council of Territory has approved the building of an oil port within the Romano Port of the town Durres. The so-called MBM Port will be set ... more

Austrian car parts producer opens new facility in Slovenia
Mark Metal, an Austrian manufacturer of car parts, opened a new production facility in the town of Ptuj, Slovenia. The company has been operational within the country for almost ... more

Kale Group and Rolls Royce will produce engines for Turkish fighter jet
The British automotive and aviation company Rolls Royce and one of Turkey’s prominent defense contractors - Kale Group, have established a joint venture with ownership as follows: 51% for ... more

Planinka opened a new Prolom water bottling line
Kursumlija-based Planinka opened a new modern line for bottling in its factory for bottling Prolom voda. As company director Radovan Raicevic announced EUR 2,5 million was invested in the ... more

Slovenian glue maker Mitol acquired by Belgium’s  Soudal Holding
Sezana-based adhesives producer Mitol has been acquired by Belgium’s Soudal Holding. The Slovenian company expects to benefit from synergies while keeping all its business segments and trademarks. “With the ... more

Sephora acquires the Turkish company Tekin Acar Cosmetics
The French multinational luxury goods conglomerate Sephora is about to acquire the Turkish major cosmetics retailer Tekin Acar Cosmetics. The deal is currently subject to approval by the Turkish ... more

Sremska Mlekara buys DIB Bujanovac for cigarette production in southern Serbia
Sremska Mlekara bought 57,93% of the capital of Duvanska Industrija Bujanovac (DIB), as announced by the Serbian Ministry of Economy. According to Sremska Mlekara’s director Rade Basta, the idea ... more

Two Belgian companies confirmed interest in investing in Macedonia
The CEO of the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion of the Republic of Macedonia Visar Fida had an official visit to Belgium recently. ... more

BAT acquires leading brands from Bulgaria’s Bulgartabac
British American Tobacco (BAT) has reported the signing of an agreement with Bulgarian cigarette maker Bulgartabac, within which BAT is to acquire some of its leading cigarette brands in a ... more

The 40th World Congress of Vine and Wine was held in Sofia
The 40th anniversary edition of the World Congress of Vine and Wine was held on May 29 – June 2 this year in Sofia, Bulgaria. Over 1000 delegates from ... more

Bulgarian mine to receive funding for an IoT-based telecommunications system
The Krumovgrad gold and silver mine in the south-eastern part of Bulgaria is to receive financing by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the development of an ... more

Ford Otosan optimizes its commercial vans’ design with a loan from EBRD
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) announced it will provide a 150 million euro loan to the Turkish automotive manufacturer Ford Otomotiv Sanayi A.S., (Ford Otosan). The ... more

Bulgarian IOW participated in two specialized branch exhibitions
Bulgarian company IOW traditionally took part in two agricultural branch exhibitions, company representatives announced in front of Engineering Review magazine. From May 16th to May 19th this year the ... more

EBRD and two major Turkish investors are acquiring stakes in the local Korozo Ambalaj
The EBRD, the leading private equity investor in Turkey Actera, and the venture capital firm Esas Holding are acquiring a majority stake in the leading Turkish producer of flexible ... more

EBRD finances the reconstruction of the water supply network in Sarajevo
The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) announced it is financing a major project for the renovation of the water supply network in Sarajevo. The reconstruction of the ... more

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SEE Industry

Automotive components manufacturing in Macedonia

Automotive components manufacturing in Macedonia
Macedonia is a favorable location for the automotive components sector due to many factors. The Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion of the Republic of Macedonia recently published a ... more

Aluminium and Zinc Foundry Resen

The Aluminum and Zinc Foundry LLC – Resen produces high quality aluminum and zinc effluences by using a technology of high pressure casting for the needs of the automobile industry. ... more


Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. ... more


Brako was founded in the year of 1947 in Veles, Republic of Macedonia, occupying an area of 120 000 square meters. ... more


Ein-Sof was founded in 1993 by Ljupco Sharkovski in Skopje, Macedonia. ... more

HI-TECH Corporation

Hi-Tech Corporation is an East European manufacturer of printed circuit boards specialized in express delivery of prototypes and small series of rigid, flex and rigid-flex multi-layer printed circuit boards up ... more

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls is a global diversified technology and multi industrial leader serving a wide range of customers in more than 150 countries. ... more

KGL Systems

Its main business is the trading of parts and accessories for vehicles. ... more

Marana Automotive

The Marana Automotive company is founded in 2006 as continuation of the long and reach experience of the founder M.Sc. Petar Tanevsky. ... more


The company Miriplast is an enterprise in the plastic industry located in Gostivar – Macedonia. ... more

RDV Faber

RDV Faber is a family company formed by two brothers - Vladimir and Darko Milosevski – which produces different kinds of tools and rear lights. ... more


Ruen industry was established in 1952 as part of a plan for an industrial organization of former Yugoslavia. ... more


The shock absorbers factory STD from Nov Dojran, Macedonia, was established in 1983. ... more


Svemek is a manufacturing company dealing with the production of machined parts, tools, and services. ... more


Tehnoproduct is established in 1990 as a production firm for rubber and metal. ... more


TeknoHose is an Italian company part of Vitillo Group, operating since 2003 in the production of flexible pipes for fluids to medium-high pressure. ... more

TE – TE Plast

TE – TE Plast is a company which is engaged in the manufacture of molds and development of plastic components for various industries . ... more

Van Hool

Van Hool is a Belgian independent manufacturer of buses, touring coaches and industrial vehicles. ... more


The private enterprise Velmax is a limited liability company that was founded in 1990 as an enterprise for production, trade and services. ... more

SEE Industry

Textile industry in Serbia

Textile industry in Serbia
Textile and apparel production in Serbia has a long standing tradition and for many years has been one of the main export industries of the country. Nowadays, around 1800 active ... more


Adanko was established in 1986 as a small knitting business which has grown into a medium sized factory with more than 80 employees. ... more


Ep-Belt is a company established in 1999 with main activity – the production of technical textile for conveyor belts. ... more


Giulicca was founded in 1997 and started its activity with the import of 100% polyester sewing thread from China. ... more


Krunateks was founded in 1992 and has grown to currently be one of the leading textile trade companies in Serbia. ... more


Nenateks has been has been active in the Serbian textile industry for 25 years. ... more


The weaving cooperative Dunav was first established in November 1951. ... more


Stig is a manufacturing, trading and information company whose business is the production of children’s clothing. ... more


STIM-IMPORT has, within its own production of home textile products (quilts, pillows, bed sheets, towels), mastered the production of hotel and restaurant textile products (tablecloths, napkins, etc.) and the production ... more


Texil was established as family business in the third decade of the last century, but it’s modern name and trade identity became a fact later, in 1991. ... more

Zisuki knitwear

Zisuki knitwear was established in 1989 in Nis as a family business. ... more


The company also has a considerable market share in the ready-made clothing sector in Serbia. ... more