Solar systems and components manufacturers in South-East Europe

EnergyIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2015

Recent reports in the field of solar industry show that South-East Europe has a very good potential for development in this area and contributes significantly to the global energy system transition to renewable energy sources. Experts even determine South-East European markets as ’remarkable and new’.

In the recent years this region has found its place among the important players on the European PV market due to the excellent solar radiation and the fast development and adoption of new technologies in the SEE countries.

During the past decade many of the companies, established and doing business in the region, have reached a certain peak in their operations due to the growing share of the renewable energy sources in the global energy mix and the constant efforts of the European Union to meet the high 2020 renewable energy targets.

In South-East Europe there are many companies - new and acknowledged, that are manufacturing solar systems and components. The production in the region includes PV solar cells and modules; PV system technology; PV components, tracking systems, inverters, batteries and energy saving systems; PV industrial engineering, materials and component parts; solar thermal systems, etc.

Insight on the European solar market
According to the report Global Market Outlook for Photovoltaics 2014-2018 by the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) Europe’s strong PV market development until 2012 was the result of a few countries in the region steadily holding the lead through the years. Meanwhile the following positions are consequently taken by other new and developing markets, manufacturers and the so called prosumers (producers + consumers) of solar energy.

In 2012, the record year for Germany allowed the European market to maintain a reasonable level of 17.7 GW of installations, with 11.4 GW coming from Germany and Italy alone. Aside from these two, the UK, Greece, Bulgaria and Belgium provided a large part of the European market development.

In 2013, the decline of markets that performed well in recent years, such as Belgium or France, was compensated by the boom in Greece and Romania, although, depending on the political circumstances, these latter markets could see a serious decline in the coming years, it is said in the report.

Turkey and Greece are among the fast growing manufacturers of solar systems and components in the region. In the current issue we will present you some of the leading manufacturers in these two countries. In the next issue we will continue the topic, presenting you large companies producing solar systems in Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Slovenia.