SMT equipment and services suppliers in Bulgaria

Electronics Technical ArticlesSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2023 • 06.11.2023

The electronics industry is among the main sectors in Bulgaria, with 5,7% of the GDP and over 56 000 employees, according to Invest Bulgaria Agency (IBA) and the Bulgarian Association of electrical engineering and electronics. The sector contributes to 11% of the total export of the country with EUR 3,7 billion annual turnover, which makes it the number one branch per export. More than EUR 1 billion is exported only to Germany and most foreign investments in Bulgaria are in this industry.


The Bulgarian SMT services and equipment sector includes many domestic and locally based foreign companies, specialized in the design, development, manufacturing, prototyping, assembly, distribution, system integration, trade and supply of production systems, components, materials and consumables, machines and complete automated lines, printed circuit boards and other items and solutions in the field. The major part of the companies is located in the capital Sofia, as well as in the bigger cities of the country.


SMT equipment and processes overview

Surface mount technology (SMT) is a part of electronic assembly which includes the process of directly mounting electronic components, also called surface mount devices (SMD), onto the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB). The cost-effectiveness and quality efficiency of SMT have made it extremely desirable in both the Bulgarian and international industries. Through this approach, more of the assembly needed to build a working board can be completed by automated machines and systems for better efficiency, especially for large scale production. SMT is used in almost every electronic device today.

The SMT manufacturing process is broadly grouped into 3 stages – solder paste printing, components placement and reflow soldering, which use different types of tools, semi-automatic and automatic machines, systems and complete production lines. After soldering, the board is cleaned and checked for flaws. Common technologies for quick and accurate results in SMT inspection include magnifying lenses, AOI (Automated Optical Inspection), flying probe testers, X-ray inspection, etc.


Company overview

In the following overview, in alphabetical order, we present some of the key Bulgarian companies in the SMT equipment and services sector. The information is sourced from TLL Media’s Bulgarian Technical Catalogue and the companies’ official websites.



Headquartered in Sofia, Amtest is specialized in the supply, installation, training, warranty and after warranty service support of machines and automatic lines for assembly, dispensing, cleaning, conformal coating, inspection and rework of printed circuit boards (PCB’s) as well as materials for soldering, cleaning and coating them.

The company was established in 2002. Before that its employees were dealing with the same products through the local representative office of a foreign supplier. Amtest’s personnel includes highly qualified service engineers with many years of experience in the field.


ATM Electronics

ATM Electronics focuses on the manufacturing of units and PCBs in mixed assembly (SMD, THT and other components and mechanical parts). The company adopted its name in 2001. Its head office is located in Sofia and it also operates a branch in Petrich. Approximately 80 employees are working in the two locations.
ATM Electronics has at its disposal two SMT lines, an AOI system, an X-ray system with CT, a leadfree wave soldering machine, an automated PCB depaneling system with a mix of router, saw and various types of manual and pneumatic depanelizers, as well as different testers.



With over 15 years of experience in the electronic industry, B2B offers design, delivery and production of printed circuit boards, electronic components, modules and devices, used in different fields, including medical and military devices. The company, headquartered in Sofia, offers rigid and flexible single- and multilayered PCBs, as well as aluminum PCBs, produced according to the latest technologies.

B2B offers PCB assembly and components procurement. Its services include SMT and through-hole PCB assembly, electromechanical and full product assembly. To transfer the soldering paste to the printed circuit boards the company uses precise and high-quality SMT stencils.



Since its founding in 1998 in Sofia, Centillion has evolved into a reliable EMS manufacturer in the fields of medicine, aviation and space equipment, control and observation systems, precision industrial equipment, etc. The company has lines for automated assembly of electronic components, production areas for test and final assembly of medical devices, as well as two separate clean rooms.

Recently Centillion invested in an additional pick-and-place machine for its most advanced automatic SMT assembly line. The addition of the new machine to the line lowers its production time with the impressive 60%, allowing also for better precision and quality.


Comet Electronics

Created in 1991 in Sofia, Comet Electronics offers full service starting from PCB design, supply of electronic components, bare PCBs and PCB assembly services.
At its production facility Comet Electronics uses flexible PCB assembly equipment, capable of carrying out projects from the prototype phase to serial production. The assembly process consists of: printing of solder pastes and SMT adhesives, automatic SMT production, manual pick-and-place operations, reflowing, automatic optical inspection, machine cutting, bending and forming, drying, selective wave soldering, manual components assembly/soldering and PCB rework with high-quality equipment.


DJK Europe

DJK Europe is a global trading company, a subsidiary of the Japanese Daiichi Jitsugyo for Europe. The company has a Bulgarian branch, located in Sofia. DJK is a worldwide distributor of manufacturing systems such as surface mount machines, solder paste printers, radial and axial machines, manufacturing plant management software modules, etc.

Regardless of the type of the clients’ short- or long-run SMT processes, the company offers flexible complete solutions, including high-speed printers, AOI, temperature chambers, routers/depaneling machines for PCBs, climate test systems, X-ray machines, ultrasonic cutting tools, conveyors for SMT lines, stencil cleaning equipment, etc.



ERSA-Bulgaria, located in Sofia, is an exclusive representative for the country of leading global manufacturers of materials, electronics production equipment and inspection systems. The main activities of the company are sale, installation, warranty and post-warranty service of machines and equipment for soldering, repair and inspection.
ERSA-Bulgaria offers soldering machines, repair systems, soldering stations, inspection machines (for AOI, X-ray inspection, inspection of soldering paste and wire bond inspection), stencil printers with integrated AOI, etc. Among the most popular solutions in the company’s portfolio is the series of machines for selective soldering.


Hybrid Integrated Circuits (HIC)

HIC was founded in 1996 on the basis of the Hybrid microelectronics department at the Institute of Microelectronics (IME – Sofia). Its main production building is located in the capital as well. HIC has many years of experience in the field of thick film technology and surface mounting of electronic components. The majority of the company’s production (about 90%) – hybrid integrated circuits, resistor assemblies, high voltage resistors, modules on printed circuit boards and microchip modules – is exported to Western Europe. HIC offers automated assembly of SMT elements on single- and double-sided printed circuit boards, performed with pick-and-place machines in which a wide range of active and passive SMD electronic components are mounted.


Integrated Micro-Electronics Bulgaria

Integrated Micro-Electronics Bulgaria has production facilities located in Botevgrad and a design and development unit in Sofia. The company is part of the Philippine group Integrated Micro-Electronics (IMI) and is specialized in the production of electronic components for the automotive, industrial and household sectors.
Its customized services range from design and engineering, advance manufacturing capabilities, new product introduction services, reliability tests, failure analysis, equipment calibration, test and system development, support and fulfillment. Integrated Micro-Electronics Bulgaria employs more than 2700 people.


Ivas Tech

Ivas Tech is a Bulgarian manufacturer of SMT equipment, headquartered in Sofia, which was established in 2000. The company offers automated systems for electronics production, available both for the Bulgarian and the international markets.

Ivas Tech offers pick-and-place platforms handling extremely high component mix, multi-flexible systems for automated hot-bar soldering, a series of air convection reflow ovens small- and mid-scale production of SMT and hybrid PCBs and manual stencil printers for soldering paste. IVAS Tech is currently working on the development of faster pick-and-place machines and automatic stencil printers in order to offer fully equipped lines for the automated assembly of PCBs.



Located in Varna, Largonet specializes in the production and mounting of PCBs. The company was founded in 2005 and is purely manufacturing-oriented. Largonet offers development, design, prototyping and manufacturing of unique high-tech hardware-software products, most of which are based on its own specific know-how.
Largonet has at its disposal a production line for PCB assembly, consisting of a semi-automatic stencil printer, an automatic pick-and-place machine, a conveyor-loaded reflow oven, a conveyor-loaded wave soldering machine, etc. The company’s offer includes single-layer, double-layer and multilayer PCBs, PCB materials, testing supplies, electronic components, etc.


LTM Electronics

LTM Electronics was established in 1993 in Sofia. In 2006 the company launched the production of printed circuit boards. In 2009 LTM started assembly of printed circuit boards and assembly of finished electronic products of own devices, and later for other customers in the country and Europe.
The company is specialized in the production of PCBs (single-layer, double-layer, multilayer, flexible PCBs), PCB assembly in small to medium series, production of stencils, assembly of electronics, production of final customer specified products, lighting and electronic equipment, etc.



Melexis is an international engineering company specialized in the design, development and delivery of innovative solutions in the field of microelectronics for customers in the automotive, industrial, consumer and medical sectors. The company was founded 30 years ago in Belgium, and currently has offices in 19 locations around the world.
Melexis opened a Bulgarian unit in 1998 and moved into a larger facility in 2006. In September 2022 it inaugurated a new building in Sofia, which houses production, R&D and warehousing units. Its team is engaged in various projects, including the development and production of integrated circuits and other solutions for international markets.



Micron-20 is the first privately owned company in Bulgaria for PCB design and manufacturing. Its head office is located in Sofia. It was established in 1991.
Micron-20 specializes in manufacturing prototypes and small to middle series of products. It monthly produces approximately 800 – 1000 types of single-sided and double-sided as well as multilayer PCBs. The company operates a 5000 sq. m high-capacity factory located in Gabrovo manufacturing double-sided PCBs. It uses lead-free technologies, automatic SMD assembly systems for prototypes and small series, stencils manufacturing lines, high-frequency materials treatment technologies, etc.



The Turkish electronics manufacturer Odak Baskili Devre (Odak PCB) was established in 1983 as a small shop for the production of simple PCB prototypes. It has over 1000 domestic and foreign customers.

Odak Evropa PCB based in Blagoevgrad is the Bulgarian subsidiary of the company, also specialized in PCB manufacturing. Its wide range of products includes LED, single-sided, double-sided, multilayer, flexible, and rigid-flex PCBs, widely used in industries such as LED lighting, automotive, household appliances, medical, military and defense. The company also offers prototyping, stencil production, mass production and project management.


Optix SMT Solutions

Headquartered in Plovdiv, Optix SMT Solutions is a division of Optix JSC, which designs, produces and markets its own solutions for the sectors of defense, security, environmental protection, sport’s hunting optics, medicine and industry. The company uses high-quality printed circuit boards and modern technologies for the application of solder paste, 3D inspection systems, automatic pick-and-place machines, reflow ovens, AOI and assembly solutions. It also uses manual saturation, conventional and surface assembly, soldering stations with automatic temperature control, assembly of modules, electrical tests, etc. Optix SMT operates a first of its kind automatic warehouse, providing temperature control, humidity control and full traceability.



Prima-Tech-Pro, located in Sofia, is specialized in the assembly of small and medium series printed circuit boards. The company has been providing a broad range of services in the field for more than 20 years now. It works predominantly for the European market.
Prima-Tech-Pro offers assembly of printed circuit boards and electronics, supply of electronic components, design and supply of PCBs and metal stencils. The company is specialized in the assembly of PCBs and electronics in small series and quantities, including non-standard orders. The main services that Prima-Tech-Pro provides include surface mount, conventional assembly, programming and testing, final assembly, rework and repair.



Rommtech-3S was established in 2007 in Vratsa as a subsidiary of Security Smart Systems, which has more than 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing electronics and electromechanical products. Rommtech-3S offers complete production of devices and modules, including: SMD and conventional assembly of electronic components; engineering and setting up on printed circuit boards, software loading and testing of products; final assembly and packing. The company is also specialized in the manual assembly and soldering of PCBs with TH components when automated assembly is not possible or for small series, with lead or lead-free soldering alloys, automatic selective coating, etc.


SET PCB Technology

Founded in 1969 as a supplier of military equipment, SET has grown to a preferred partner to different business industries – industrial, automotive, lighting, consumer, medical and others. The company’s production plants are located in Ruse.

SET is specialized in providing high quality tested PCBs, electronic assembly, provision of electronic components, potting and cable confection. Its PCB assembly technologies cover conventional and SMT assembly, done by modern and high-precision machines. The integrated automatic production lines provide rapid, cost-efficient and qualitative mounting.


Transfer Multisort Elektronik

Transfer Multisort Elektronik was established in 1990. TME is headquartered in Poland, but the group also includes 11 subsidiaries, serving the global market, including Bulgaria.

The company distributes a wide range of electronic parts and components, including more than 650 000 products by over 1200 suppliers. Its offer includes PCB prototyping and production components, universal PCBs, copper laminates, assembly kits, materials for PCB production, soldering and welding equipment, as well as a broad scope of measuring instruments and accessories, chemical products, tools, antistatic protection and cleanroom solutions, etc.


Tremol SMD

Tremol SMD was established in 2006 as a company in the field of outsourcing high-tech assembly of electronic components (Contract Electronic Manufacturer). The company is located in Veliko Tarnovo. It serves specific and demanding market segments like the automotive, industrial, medical and aviation electronics. Tremol SMD offers a broad range of SMT services and equipment, including pick-and-place machines, stencil printers, vacuum sealed and conventional reflow technology, in-line 3D automated optical inspection, solder reflow paste inspection system, flying Probe ICT, AOI machines, wave soldering, conformal coating, THT and supporting processes.



Vekatech is a Bulgarian OEM and EMS company founded in Plovdiv. It is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic modules in the country. The company’s offer includes PCB prototyping and production, stencil design and manufacturing, AOI, etc.

Vekatech’s broad portfolio includes a wide range of services – from materials procurement to the assembly of final products, both prototypes and serial articles. The company is specialized in PCB design, SMT assembly, solder paste inspection, automatic optical inspection, selective soldering, wave soldering, manual assembly, cable confection, selective conformal coating, full traceability of materials and production processes.


3V Electronics

3V Electronics provides products and services for the electronics sector and other related industries, including effective solutions in SMT processes. The company offers materials, supplies, equipment and accessories for mounting and assembling of electronics. It supplies a wide range of assembly materials, cleaning fluids, microdrills and routers, test probes, as well as marking, pick and place cleaning and depaneling machines.

3V Electronics is the distributor for Bulgaria of Henkel Adhesive Electronic Materials – a global manufacturer and supplier of specialized materials for assembly of semiconductors, printed circuit boards and advanced solutions for soldering.