Slovenian Lek expands its pharmaceutical labs in Menges

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Slovenian Lek expands its pharmaceutical labs in Menges

Biopharmaceuticals Menges, a key pillar of Sandoz and Novartis biopharmaceuticals, officially opened new laboratories for the development of final dosage form for biosimilars, quality control and biopharmaceuticals technical development. With the investment worth a good EUR 10 million, the site gained an additional development role. Apart from active ingredients for biosimilars, final dosage form for biosimilars will now be developed there as well.

"As the global market and the need for biologics continue growing, Lek, and therefore Sandoz company and Slovenia, with its cutting-edge technology and advanced knowledge, has vast potential for more and continued developments in biopharma business," stressed Matjaz Oven, Site Head Biopharmaceuticals Menges.

Biopharmaceuticals Menges currently employs more than 350 experts, 80% of which have a university degree or higher, and as many as 34% hold a master’s degree or a doctorate in science. Lek is thus able to provide jobs for local experts and, since their being part of a global pharmaceutical company, provide them the opportunity to work at home and at the same time gain experience and knowledge from around the world.