Sixth International Conference Water Loss Reduction in Water Supply Systems

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11 - 12 November 2013 - Inter Expo Center (Musala Hall, 2-nd floor), Sofia, Bulgaria

Water loss in water supply systems is a common problem of urban areas all over the world and can be a serious issue in regions with water deficiency. Bulgarian Water Association warns that this problem deserves immediate attention and appropriate measures for reducing the stress on scarce and valuable water sources.

Several large cities in Bulgaria have already started programmes, directed at gradual reduction of water losses. It is also well known that many institutions and water and sanitation utilities have developed and administered strategies and technologies for leakage and water loss control, which turned out to be very effective.

The International conference "Water loss reduction in water supply systems" was held for sixth consequent year on November 11-12, 2013 in Inter Expo Center, Sofia. This year the event was focused on the available know-how and best practices and the recommended new approaches for effective management of water and sanitation systems with an emphasis on water loss reduction.

 It was aimed at leaders and experts in the water supply sector, as well as at companies supplying equipment and expert knowledge.

Over 120 representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development, the Ministry of Environment and Water, water companies, design and commercial firms and members of the BWA, professors and students from the University of architecture, civil engineering and geodesy participated in the conference.

Bulgarian and foreign lecturers and representatives of the companies shared different methods and practices for reducing water losses. Positive experience from Dobrich, Yambol and Drianovo was presented to the audience.

The participants were welcomed by Dobromir Simidchiev, Deputy Minister of Regional Development. Atanas Paskalev, Deputy Chairman of BWA, presented the main topics and issues related to the reduction of water losses.

The Conference was once again supported by the European Water Resources Association. Organised by Bulgarian Water Association, it is considered to be the major annual event on water losses in the Balkan region.

Papers, suggesting interesting solutions for different problems in the water supply sector, innovative technology, practical tips for increasing water supply systems efficiency and best practices were presented by the professionals in the water supply sector.

One of the main Conference objectives was to encourage the exchange of experience and information regarding successful examples of different national / local programmes for improving leakage control and reducing losses in water supply networks.

Another goal was to focus on the most promising approaches, especially highlighting the necessity of institutional capacity development and establishing of co-operation in order to implement the best technical and management decisions available.

The Conference was also aimeded at collecting facts and good practices for increasing the awareness and the attention to the water loss problem by politicians and water managers.

Main themes of this year’s Conference on water losses were:
 1. Innovative decisions for reducing the physical water losses
 2. Problems with reducing the commercial water losses
 3. Setting realistic goals: how to maintain results
 4. Problems related to the economical aspect of leakage

Technical exhibition
Providers and producers of innovative technical solutions for detection and control of water losses, leakage control and used water measurement were invited to present their products and methodologies in the technical exhibition, which took place in Inter Expo Center, Vihren Hall.

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