Six-chip LED beats 20W halogen bulb

NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2006

Ostar is a six-chip 420 lumen power LED for illumination, made by Osram. “At 420 lumen from an operating current of 700mA, the six-chip version with lens is brighter than a 20W low-voltage halogen lamp,” said the firm.

The die are series-connected and there is a lens-less version which produces 300lm with a wider viewing angle. Dissipation is 15W. There is also a four-chip emitter producing 280lm with the lens and 200lm without the lens - both at 700mA, 10W.

“The white light colour is constant from every viewing angle and comes from colour conversion based on the chip coating method,” said Osram. Applications in individual workplace lighting, reading lights and car interiors are expected, as well as stroboscopes.