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South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2019

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South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 5/2007

South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2007

South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2007

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South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2007

South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 6/2006

South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 5/2006

South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2006

South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2006

South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2006

South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2006

South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 6/2005

South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 5/2005

South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2005

South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2005

South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2005

South-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2005


Automation & Robotics






» Business

   - Siemens Group of Companies’ project in SEE

   - Omron Strengthens Support in Eastern European Markets

   - Eurointegration in Action

   - SEE companies participation at Hannover Fair 2005

   - Regional network for efficient use of energy and water resources (RENEUER)

   - Omron announces first-ever European CEO

   - Bulgarian government criticised for failing to comply with EC electronic waste law

   - Bistra Todorova 99 Company produces more powerful transformers

   - Bulgaria and Romania - members of the EU

   - The Bulgarian manufacturers of instrumentation and controls in the EU

   - Manufacturers about their business opportunities in the EU

   - The Bulgarian Bellwether in Electronics – The Success Story

   - New wave of Bulgarian industrial projects in Serbia

   - Interview with Dobrin Dobrev, Commercial Director of ELMARK GROUP

   - Co-operation for wind farm projects in Bulgaria and Turkey

   - Products and solutions from Slovenia

   - Manufacture of measurement and control equipment in Romania

   - Jenbacher Gas Engines in Coca-Cola Hellenic plants

   - Bulgarian engineering companies in the EU

   - The engineering branch comments:

   - Great demand for intelligent sensors from SICK

   - Bosch closes acquisition of majority shareholding in Ersol Solar Energy

   - OMV plans to set up a gas-fired power plant in Turkey

   - Swiss food giant NESTLE transfers Bucharest ice-cream production to Bulgarian plant

   - CEZ Group Buys 600 Megawatt Wind Farm Project in Romania

   - Small and Micro HPPs

   - Sopharma Opened a Modern Logistics Center

   - Nabucco countries reiterate support for gas pipeline project

   - Southeastern Europe and the financial crisis

   - New Fund Aims to Cut Balkan Carbon Footprint

   - Thermal power plants market in Bulgaria

   - Vestas opened office in Romania

   - Serbian Lazar dairy signed a contract with GHD, USA for the construction of biogas digester for waste water management and power generation

   - Small and medium enterprises in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Turkey will receive credit lines for 805 million Euro

   - Toshiba signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in energy development with Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD

   - The world’s machine tool industry is being reshuffled

   - SIPLACE hosted a press conference, factory tours and new product introductions in Munich

   - Latest Investments in SEE Industry

   - Italy’s Balkan Investments: The Four Major Sectors

   - German investors in Serbia sending positive signals for 2012

» Company articles


   - The EMCO Group

   - Inspection & Test of electronic boards - concepts & strategies

   - Technika Consult Company with new partner products

   - The ee-Wise project: Energy efficiency through building retrofitting in the Mediterranean region

   - MachTech & InnoTech Expo 2015 - the business barometer for the trends in the sector of industry

   - SIV.BG presented cloud services at the conference in Pristina

   - New technologies can provide an intelligent growth of SE Europe

   - Endrich: Motion detection in practice WaveEye Doppler sensor from New Japan Radio

   - BULCONTROLA to welcome businesses for the 44th time in Sofia between 5-8 april

   - The MachTech & InnoTech exhibition to be held for the first time in April 2016

   - From IoT to Reality, Internet of Things Solutions That Get Results

   - Intel® Quark™ SE microcontroller

   - Acoustics - Sound generators in electronic devices

   - Intel® Quark™ SE microcontroller

   - Thin film precision resistor families from - SUSUMU

   - SPC (Super Pulse Cell Capacitor) and ES energy storage systems from EVE Energy in the Endrich line up

   - Acoustics - The Phenomenon of Acoustic short circuit

   - GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers in the Endrich delivery program

   - Our main activity is special machine-building - design, manufacture and installation of machines and production lines, according to customers’ needs

   - Varianti: We aim to implement orders as quickly as possible with minimum deviation from the set parameters

   - Silmet Ltd produces chip conveyors and hinged steel belts

   - SOVIS - 50 years of tradition and professionalism

   - Plastic packaging solution and processing machinery from COLOR-PLAST

   - KCM Technology can cover complete

   - GARDA COM offers innovative surface treatment products and technologies from COVENTYA

   - The installations by Elica-Elevator optimize the manufacturing processes

   - TIHERT - your partner for Tooling

   - SpaceCAD offers direct metal 3D printing services that produce great results for the most demanding projects

   - Over 30 years of PCB production know-how from ODAK

   - Comet Electronics – Contract Manufacturing Services

   - Quality CNC Routers at reasonable

   - Trusted and acknowledged partner

   - Spesima GmbH: 28 years on the way to innovation

   - Voltage characteristics of capacitors

   - Endrich’s presence on the display and embedded computer market

   - Energy, waste management & cities - find out new business partners and solutions

   - Leading winding wire manufacturer to start operations in Serbia

   - IOW BULGARIA - Solutions for specific niche markets and variety of industries

   - New generation of Dlogic industrial touch computers at Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH

» Events

   - Grundfos implements an energy labelling

   - 5th Balkan Power Conference, BPC 2005

   - 19th ELEKON Fair was organized in Ankara

   - The Week of Worldwide Technological Achievements at Belgrade Fair

   - 81th International Autumn Fair in Zagreb

   - 1st International Exhibition "FETEC 2005 - Factory equipment", Athens, Greece

   - 1st FETEC exhibition took place in Athens

   - Delta Instrument with a new building in Sofia

   - International Autumn Fair, Plovdiv 2005:Real expectations, world standard equipment and better business manners

   - 31st International Technical Fair in Bucharest

   - 3rd TIME Exhibition in Istanbul

   - WIN 2006 will take place from 16 to 19 of March

   - ISK-SODEX 2006 will open doors from 4-7 of May

   - SEE Exhibitions’ Calendar

   - WIN – World of Industry 2005

   - Turkish companies are optimistic for their SEE market

   - Hannover Fair 2005 - product news

   - 14th Romcontrola, Romenvirotec-SEP

   - PECAR 2005: pumps, seals, compressors, fittings, taps

   - 18th DETROP

   - WIN fair will be a perfect tool for economic exchange between countries

   - Turkish HVAC&R sector grows very fast

   - SEE Exhibitions’ Calendar

   - ELMARK with office in Serbia

   - International WIN fair 2006

   - WIN 2006 (part 2): Turkish companies’ participation

   - WIN 2006 (part 3): Bulgarian companies’ participation

   - SEE Exhibitions’ Calendar

   - ISK-SODEX 2006

   - Technical Fair Belgrade 2006

   - Hannover Fair 2006: SEE companies

   - SEE Exhibitions’ Calendar

   - 39th International Trade Fair in Celje

   - SEE Exhibitions’ Calendar

   - The Romanian technical ehxibition TIB 2006

   - TIB - exhibitors interviews

   - 10th International specialized exhibition Balkan Packaging

   - SEE Exhibitions’ Calendar

   - Omron opens new Automation Competence Laboratory at Istanbul’s TR University

   - 10 years of manufacturing celebrates ABB Bulgaria Petrich

» Industry

   - Energy Efficiency in Romania

   - Energy meters

   - Siemens acquired VA Tech

   - Pumps

   - Emerson acquired Solartron Mobrey

   - Energy Efficiency in Serbia

   - Electrical servo drives

   - Gear boxes for machinery

   - Chemical Industry in SLOVENIA

   - Energy efficiency in the food and beverage sectors in Bulgaria

   - Liberalization of Macedonian Electricity Market

   - Machining centers market in South-Eastern Europe

   - Weight measurement equipment. SEE market highlights.

   - Electronics and Electrical Engineering Industry in Slovenia

   - Optimal Technical-economic Solution for Heating of a Production Hall

   - Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry of Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova

   - Electronics Industry in Turkey

   - Watertube boilers. SEE market highlights.

   - Chemical and Allied Industries in Serbia

   - HVAC-R Industry in Turkey

   - Hydraulic and Pneumatic power engines and motors. SEE market highlights.

   - Automatic Taping Machine adds Support for Small Devices

   - Universal Instruments and Hover-Davis Merge Assembly Competencies into Unovis Solutions

   - Pulp, Paper and Paper Converting Industry in Slovenia

   - Automatic regulating or controlling instruments and apparatus. SEE market highlights.

   - Petroleum, Natural Gas and Electricity Industry of Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova

   - Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment in Croatia

   - Automotive industry in Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey

   - Bulgarian Electronic Industry. In facts and figures

   - Food Processing Machinery and Equipment Industry in Turkey

   - Manufacturing of basic metals and fabricated metal products in Croatia

   - Athens: Silicon Valley of the Balkans

   - The EU and South Eastern Europe sign a historic treaty to boost energy integration

   - Manufacture of Pulp, Paper and Cardboard, Paper Products, Publishing, Printing and Reproduction of Recorded Media in Croatia

   - Food and Drink Industry in Turkey: Facts and figures

   - Launch of bidding for construction of 60 small hydro-power plants

   - Electric Power Industry of Serbia

   - Electric, Water, Gas Meters

   - Specialists from the sector comment the trends

   - Product Review

» Interview

   - Innovation, security and quality to win the market

   - Valsteam Adca: We are happy to supply small orders

   - We think of the global world market as our greatest opportunity

   - Specialised in optical and acoustic signal devices WERMA won Red Dot award for innovation

   - Strict quality control and attractive prices will lead to a significant increase of sales

   - Tapflo established representative office in Romania

   - Omron celebrates its 30 years in Europe

   - Our advantage is in combination of design, quality and price

   - Our aim is direct presence in Bulgaria and Romania by the end of 2006

   - Different countries need different solutions

   - Arrow Turkey - relatively young, but with solid reputation on the market

   - WIN - World of Industry exhibition in Istanbul divided to two exhibitions

   - Arrow Hellas - providing the best solutions to the customers

   - WIN - Highlights of industrial sectors in Turkey

   - Slovenia - small, but technologically developed and potential country

   - The European Union is an excellent alternative to our former markets

   - Our market priority is South-Eastern Europe

   - ARROW is now also in Romania

   - Our business credo is doing what we are really good at

   - Our goal is to expand and assign distributors to neighbouring countries

   - BRCCI protects the business interests of more than 100 Bulgarian and Romanian companies

   - Balkans is a market that now is making the first steps to its development

   - The markets in South East Europe have their potential in the future with high average growth

   - Our company policy is to make our clients believe RAIS is their formula of success

   - The growth rate of our business in East and Central Europe is higher than any other part of the world in the last several years

   - Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe will open a local office in Sofia

   - Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia invest in machine tools more than other countries in the region

   - Real rejuvenation of electronics manufacturing industry in Bulgaria via small and mid-size independent companies

   - SEE region is an emerging market in many areas

   - Texas Instruments recognizes South-East European countries as a strong industrial market

   - Our purpose is to be the largest independent producer of oils in Europe

   - Mr. Steffen Hanik BITO LAGERTECHNIK

   - Milling at its best

   - I hope that we’ll go out of the crisis more powerful and ready for new market expansion

   - Interview with Mr. Adam Kuczynski Transfer Multisort Elektronik (TME)

   - Interview with Mr. Slobodan Ruzic - Energy Saving Group - ESG

   - Interview with Mr. Julien Dallery, European Key Account Manager and Area Sales Manager at MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC EUROPE

   - "Investor of Year 2009" in Bulgaria - ABB

   - Interview with Mr. Matthias Kohnecke - Business Development Manager, HANSA - FLEX Hydraulik GmbH

   - Interview with Mr. Vit Pekarek, Managing Director, Alfa Laval South-East Europe

» News

   - Change in leadership for Assembleon

   - Johnson Controls is going to acquire York International

   - Universal Instruments has new president

   - COMECO appliances UL marked

   - Energo Plus won prize Systemair’s Best Distributor

   - Grundfos buys South African pump manufacturer

   - Functional surfaces for electronic cases from Fischer Elektronik

   - Drilling rigs put up Norttex

   - Photo sensors and photoelectric sensor amplifier from Carlo Gavazzi

   - Koncar Group got OHSAS Standard Certificate

   - Electromagnetic lock from Comitronic

   - SIPLACE wins Global Technology Award at Productronica

   - Pressure transmitter from WIKA

   - Elatec with high-volume orders

   - SAMSON’s explosion-proof positioner

   - Navision to be implemented in Trakya Glass Bulgaria

   - REDLER is back on Balkans

   - ProDesign unveils CHIPit Gold Edition Pro

   - High temperature versions of Omron’s D3V

   - Ultra-Small, Low-Power Temperature Sensors from Microchip

   - Universal Instruments’ Exemplary Customer Service Receives a Frost & Sullivan Award

   - Siplace X-series wins "iF product design award" and "reddot design award"

   - KLINGER celebrated its 111th anniversary

   - Saturn Engineering, investor in the Sofia Techno Park

   - South-West Bulgaria will be gasified

   - Schneider Electric Completes the Acquisition of Andover Controls

   - Samsung Secures the First Strategic Research Partnership with IMEC on Future Mobile Terminals

   - Phoenix Contact Modular PSIMOS Fiber Optic Transmission System Is a Winner in the World of Automation

   - Assembleon has Received the Frost & Sullivan 2005 SMT Product of the Year Award

   - The World’s Smallest Microcontrollers Rack Up Big Industry Awards for Microchip

   - Fischer Elektronik has Exdended Eurotainer Design Case Range

   - Zetex Regulator Manages Supply Voltage Swings

   - Universal Instruments appointed new director for Europe

   - Industry veteran takes the helm at Zetex

   - Ultrasonic Wire Splicing System from TELSONIC Ultrasonics

   - Infineon opens Bucharest R&D centre

   - Tyco diverse businesses into three companies

   - BMW and Microchip Signs Agreement

   - Assembleon with the new MG-2 chipshooter at Apex 2006

   - TFT monitors from Fischer Elektronik

» Projects

   - Project Sawdust 2000: Heating systems on sawdust in Tasca, Romania

   - Siemens will choose suppliers from SEE region

   - Project of EMKO ELEKTRONIK A.S in Valeo

   - Automated system in cement plant Holcim Serbia

   - Solar Systems in Dairy Industry

   - SEE PROJECTS 2009

   - Izmit Domestic and Industrial Water Supply Project, Turkey

   - Nokia’s Jucu Factory in Romania named Global Leading Green Building

   - CDM projects in Serbia

   - Sentera Thracia is building new production facility in Bulgaria

   - Implementation of continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) in Dalmacijacement, Croatia

   - Modernization of TE-TO Zrenjanin, Serbia

   - Metso to automate a combined-cycle power plant in Turkey

   - Kolubara B lignite fired power plant in central Serbia

   - A new combined cycle gas unit in TPP-HP Novi Sad

   - ABB to control natural gas compressor station in Turkey

   - 800 MW Combined-cycle gas power plant in Denizli, Turkey

   - Reconstruction of TPP Plomin, Croatia

   - MHI receives steam turbine order for second unit at Germencik Geothermal Power Plant

   - EFT group plans 50 million EUR in a Romanian power generating project

   - Bulgaria’s "Vkusna iadka" invested BGN 4 mln. in a new packaging facility

   - Bosch Rexroth has supplied hydraulics to the Deriner Dam in Turkey - one of the largest dams in Europe

   - Prysmian’s new unit at Slatina factory in Romania increases optic fiber cable production capacity to 1.5 mln km a year

   - ROMBAT opens new production facility in Bistrita

   - Italian automotive company opens plant in Slovenia

   - Magna opens new auto parts facility in Turkey

   - Bulgarian confectionery maker Prestige 96 opens new factory

   - Mubadala establishes an aircraft parts factory in Serbia

   - Turkish cellulose manufacturer Aciselsan opens new production plant

   - Bulgaria’s Mini Maritsa Iztok awards equipment supply contracts worth total 1.8 million euro

   - CEZ Raises Efficiency of Its Hydro Portfolio in Romania

   - EBRD finances Rijeka district heating

   - Johnson Matthey inaugurated new manufacturing plant in Skopje

   - Kromberg & Schubert plant opens in Bitola

   - Green Group opened glass recycling factory near Bucharest

   - Standard Profile Bulgaria plans a second plant in Stara Zagora

   - Vibac started the construction of a new factory in Serbia

   - TT electronics launched new manufacturing facility in Romania

   - Bulgarian company to produce cables for Mercedes and Cadillac

   - US automotive companies open manufacturing units in Romania

» Technical Articles

   - Programmable logic controllers made in Bulgaria

   - Food and beverage machine manufacturers in Serbia and Montenegro

   - Textile machinery and equipment industry in Turkey

   - Renewable resources - Solar and Wind Energy in Serbia

   - Accuracy considerations in process control

   - Electrical machinery production in Turkey

   - Electronic Utility Metering: A Simple Approach

   - Pumps and compressors production in Turkey

   - Using temperature sensors in electronic equipment

   - Omron’s implementation in crane construction

   - Desulphurization shall be implemented at the Maritsa TPP 2 Units 5 and 6

   - Integrating Analogue Devices Efficiently Into Digital Designs

   - Wind Energy: Technologies and Trends in Wind Power Plants Development

   - 8-Bit Microcontrollers Extend their Reach

   - A digital solution to analogue oscillator problems

   - Win a Microchip PICSTART Plus Programmer!!

   - Techniques for measuring with non-linear sensors

   - 8-bit MCUs Challenge the 4-bit Package and 32-bit Power

   - Intelligent Power-Supply Design

   - Bridging the Rails

   - Win a Microchip MPLAB REAL ICE Emulation System!

   - Taking the Strain out of Selecting Amplifiers for Gauge Applications

   - The Power of Moving-Average Digital Filters

   - Electronics Industry in Bulgaria

   - You have the power!

   - WIN A Microchip PIC32 Starter Kit!!

   - DSCs drive home appliances energy-savings

   - South-Eastern European biomass energy market: Highlightening potential, envisioning perspectives

   - Future-proofing embedded automotive systems

   - Recent developments in Croatian biofuels industry

   - Metal processing machinery retrofit

   - Intelligent Power with Digital Feedback Loops

   - Construction of Wind-Power Stations in Bulgaria

   - Giving voice to embedded designs

   - Energy in South East Europe - Regional Policy for a Regional Market

   - Buck-Boost LED driving with a mixed-signal MCU

   - South-East Europe energy policies

   - Remote access for the digital home

   - Photovoltaic power systems

   - Is Bulgaria’s gas independence an illusion?