SIPLACE at this year’s Productronica

NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 6/2007

At this year’s Productronica, SIPLACE was once again able to extend its lead and set the standard for the industry with technologically outstanding innovations, says the company. With the SIPLACE X4i, the SIPLACE team presented the new world record holder in real placement performance and therefore a true show highlight. But the machine offers more than just performance. With its new i-Placement concept and innovations like Combined PCB and Productivity Lane, the SIPLACE X4i is leading in terms of everyday manufacturing benefits as well. A special hit was the SIPLACE ‘Compare’ show concept. The disclosure of performance data according to the IPC standard was highly welcomed by customers and will ensure that the entire industry will see a lot more transparency and comparability between production solutions in the future. For example, only the IPC rating makes it possible to determine a machine’s true de-rating, i.e. the difference between the extrapolated theoretical speed rating provided by many manufacturers and its actual performance on the line.