Siemens Group of Companies’ project in SEE

BusinessSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2005

By Roumen Atanasov

The industry in Balkan Region and South-Eastern Europe attracts attention of the big European companies with the availability of qualified specialists, the motivation for joining the European industry sectors, easy logistics, the cultural proximity and of course, lower production costs.

One of the most topical and very interesting projects is promoted by the Siemens Group of Companies, aiming identification of manufacturers in South-Eastern Europe possessing the necessary minimum of potential to become suppliers of the multiple product directions of this industrial giant. The project gives the enterprises in the region the unique chance to integrate in the European industry.

Siemens has chosen the National Chamber of Electrical Engineering in Bulgaria as main organizer and project coordinator. An important reason for the choice was the fact that the Chamber is the only member in the Region of ORGALIME – the most authoritative European industrial association. An important consideration were the contacts, the Chamber is maintaining with 15 industrial organizations in Slovakia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia & Montenegro, Romania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Turkey having signed collaboration agreements with some of them.

After a series of preparatory meetings and discussions, the last one in Sofia on June 1st, agreement was reached on the road map and the product groups on that stage of interest were defined. All the mentioned national organizations in the region were invited to attend the meeting, but unfortunately not all could be present.

The National Chamber of Electrical Engineering has briefed in due time all those more than 15 national industrial associations in the region on the results of the June 1st meeting. The GTZ-Bureau in Bulgaria also contributed to the distribution of the information through its own bureaus in the region. The Bulgarian companies too, were dully informed by a massive action through printed and electronic media and the notification of a number of Bulgarian branch and industrial organizations. The National associations have the engagement to prepare profiles of suitable companies not later than July 8th. During the month of July a preselection of the most appropriate companies will be done, following the compulsory prerequisites for possession of certified QMS’, appreciable potential expressed in revenue, sufficient modern equipment, export practice, references etc. After this preparatory stage, Siemens will invite with the assistance of the national organizations, all approved manufacturers to the “Siemens supplier fair”.

At this stage, the manufacturers of following product groups are of marked interest:

  •  power, distribution, current transformers
  • low - and medium voltage switchgear, steel constructions for power engineering projects, cables
  • plastic parts, parts from composite materials
  • stamped parts, deep-drawn parts
  • alu-impact extrusion, formed parts
  • big-sized steel and iron castings, casings
  • formed metal parts, machined parts
  • industrial boilers, heat exchangers, pumps, heater mats
  • pressure gauges, ceramic resistors, springs
  • vehicle seats.

With reference to the Road map, the “Siemens Supplier Fair” is due to be held on September 14-16 in Sofia. The first day of the meeting will be dedicated to general presentations and discussions, whereas during the next days, companies will have the opportunity for individual meetings and agreements.

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