Sibel – high quality materials for production of PCB

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Sibel – high quality materials for production of PCB


Sibel, a company specialized in materials and machines for the electrotechnical industry and electronics, offers a variety of materials, composite CDM ESD materials for solder frames and pallets for wave soldering, protective systems for PCBAs as well as all alloy types for soldering.


CDM ESD composite materials for solder frames and pallets for wave soldering

Sibel offers CDM materials with high temperature resistance, good fabrication qualities, chemical resistance, electrostatic dissipative properties and properties allowing sensor detection.
Exceptional dimensional stability and flatness, precise thickness tolerances and excellent machining qualities contribute to solutions that meet performance needs.


Conformal coatings and potting resins

Conformal coatings play a key role in the improvement of electronic component reliability. Sibel provides a range of thin coatings for the overall protection of assembled PCBs:
Large range of air-drying varnishes for outstanding moisture resistance, compliant with various selective coating processes, including materials with UV tracers.
Potting resins – polyurethane, epoxy, polybutadiene or silicon based for encapsulation and mechanical protection of electronic devices.


PCB Masking Tapes

Sibel also offers a large range of adhesive tapes:
Masking tapes for hot air leveling (HAL) processes guarantee a finished PCB without tin overflow.
Polyester-based tapes prevent plating over areas of the PCB where it is not required in the electroplating process.
The polyimide series ensures high temperature resistance in the soldering bath for wave soldering processes.

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