SET PCB Technology and Steiner Elektronik, Eng. Stanislav Stoykov We are dynamic market-driven companies based on high flexibility

Electronics InterviewSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2013

Eng. Stanislav Stoykov,
Deputy Manager of SET PCB Technology and Steiner Elektronik

Please, present the production activities of SET PCB Technology and Steiner Elektronik Ltd.
As one of the largest electronic manufacturers in Eastern Europe we produce and assemble wide range of PCBs: single-sided, double-sided and multilayer PCBs, Flexible PCBs, Aluminum PCBs, High Tg PCBs (up to 200°), High frequency PCB - Rogers materials of different shape and size. We produce also custom made printed circuit boards. Cable confection, entire units assembly and coating are also included in our program.

What is your production capacity and what technology equipment do you have?
We are dynamic market-driven companies based on high flexibility. Over 3000kg bare and 1500 kg assembled PCBs leave every week our factory. Our annual production capacity is 92 000 m2  including - single-sided and double-sided - 65 000 m2 and multi layer - 27 000 m2.

For our production line we use RoHS technologies, like lead-free HAL, immersion Sn, immersion Ni/Au, which are practices for years. The equipment consists of 13 drilling & milling Excellon machines, CNC Jump-Scoring machines, fully automated electroplating lines and so on.

The technology equipment for the assembly is various and it includes manual and conventional elements equipped with last versions of WELLER stations. The lead-free and RoHS wave-soldering is performed by ERSA EWS330L. We use 2 high tech SMD lines by JUKI providing 58 000 components per hour. 

Who are your main customers in the country and in Europe?
SET PCB Technology and Steiner Elektronik Ltd. provide printed circuit boards for the demands of the automotive industry, medical, telecommunication engineering and many others. We have more than 500 customers in Bulgaria and all over Europe.

What particular qualities does a Bulgarian company need to establish itself in the European market?
In order to meet all our customers’ requirements we set our goal -high quality PCBs - cheap and fast. All our processes are performed with modern equipment in air-conditioned and clean rooms. Other advantages are the 100% electrical test and the established ESD protection rules for the assembly plants acc. IPC 61340. Our Quality is acc. to IPC 600/610.

What are the innovations in the mounted and unmounted printed circuit boards technology?
The companies combine the latest technological innovations with long-term experience. New in our program is the production of High Tg (up to 200°), High Frequency PCBs - used in wireless and satellite communications, IMS Aluminium PCBs which are extremely suitable decisions by temperature and weight sensitive applications, especially for LED lights.

For our high quality assembled PCBs we use up-to-date technological equipment which gives us the opportunity to produce faster and more precisely.

What type of testing do you use for finished PCBs?
The finished printed circuit boards are 100% electrically tested. The equipment belongs to the most recent generation - Flying probe testers, A5 model, produced by ATG Test Systems GmbH and Co. KG, Germany.

We have also ATG ExaLine and Mania adapter-testers for medium and big production lots, offering the appropriate test speed and productivity. For our mounted PCBs we perform functional and in-circuit tests. We use AOI with high performance system Vantage TM S22 by Orbotech, too.

What certificates do you have so far?
Based on the current IPC standards combined with the ISO 9001 and UL certificates, our team is motivated and in interest of the customers in order to meet all their requirements. According to ISO 14001 we successfully prevent environmental pollution.

Which exhibitions are you participating in next year?
SET PCB Technology and Steiner Elektronik Ltd. have been participating in different exhibitions for the past 10 years. Our plans for the next year are to take part in "SMT Hybrid Packaging Nurnberg" and "Electronica Muenchen".

 Even though our specialists are always visiting various  exhibitions in order to establish business relations, like "Productronica Muenchen", "Plovdiv Trade Fair" and many others.