Sentera Thracia is building new production facility in Bulgaria

Electronics ProjectsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2012

CEO Mr. Jos Raskin presents the investment for South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market

Dear Mr. Raskin, where is the location of the new production facility and what is the total surface area of the buildings?
The new production facility of Sentera Thracia Ltd. is planned to be build in the village Voivodinovo, municipality Maritza, district Plovdiv, located on 4 km. distance from downtown. The building will include production and stock premises, located on the first floor with total area 2500 ì2, as well as administrative offices for R&D and management respectively on the first and second floor with total area of 600 ì2. The approximate size of the entire place is 3000 ì2. The project started on the 10th of October 2011 and we expect it to be finalized in May 2012. The company further plans to build 2000 ì2 extra production area.

What is the overall size of the investment?
The investment amounts 2,5 million EUR. The structure is made up of self-supporting panels, type Superwall, which ensures stability of the building and optimizes costs with respect to heating and air conditioning. At the construction site only proven quality materials will be used, because we hold on to the security of the site and the comfort of employees who will live and work in the premises. In the next stage, around 2013, another estimated 2 million EUR will be spent in facilities and infrastructure.

What production equipment is envisaged in the project and which companies are the suppliers chosen by you?
SENTERA`s policy always has been to have state-of-the-art production equipment. Without quality tools, it is not possible to produce quality products. In this way, we continue to invest with our German and Swiss partners like DMG, Arburg, Essemtec, ERSA, IWetc. To produce modern electronic systems requires an ever increasing number of investments to keep operating. These investment combined with a drive towards a more energy efficient production process will help us setting up a new benchmark.

The introduction of what new technology and automation systems you`ve planned?
In the new site, we will be able to fully implement Bea Gold: this is an enterprise managing software system which will allows us to organize, register, monitor and analyze all events and data in the whole company in all its aspects. Also the use of green electronics that have a lighter impact on the environment thanks to improved energy efficient and cleaner production methods will be used in new designs made by our R&D department to have superior efficiency and much higher green ratings.

Are any energy efficient technologies set in the production process?
Like any socially engaged and responsible company we rely on the use of environmentally friendly technologies. High efficient heat pumps together with energy recuperation are planned for use. Our aim is to become completely CO2 neutral and energy independent by using photovoltaic energy sources. Sentera Thracia Ltd. Is a manufacturer of a large variety of HVACR electronic products. Due to frequent product changes and the continuous technological advancement of the products we have to invest in better and energy saving production processes.

What suppliers of raw materials for the production you will use - Bulgarian or foreign?
When it is possible we prefer to work with "close-at-home" suppliers. But as we work in an international (European) environment, we welcome all "open minded" partners with reliable products and quality services.

Could you comment the importance of the investment for the development strategy of Sentera?
For sure, this project will be an important tool to strengthen our organization and expand our expertise together with an important increase in productivity and efficiency. It is our way to continue to research and develop new ’green’ electronics for the HVACR market.

About Sentera Controls / Sentera Thracia
Sentera Controls was established in 1998 by Mr. Jos Raskin and headquartered in Temse, Belgium. It has been a strong competitor of controls for the HVACR market and provider of electronics manufacturing services since then. Discerning customers soon began to seek out the quality and unique control features of the different product ranges.

Now greatly expanded, with offices in Bulgaria, Belgium and Lithuania, Sentera continues to maintain the highest standards for products and workmanship. Sentera’s exceptional work force remains committed to carefully upholding the principles of quality and integrity that defines the company. Sentera Controls success is a unique combination of general attitude, design of fine electronic control products and customized controls, superior product quality and durability and our commitment to customer service.

During the last decade, Sentera has emerged as a pre-eminent manufacturer of electronic controls on the European market  including sensors, switches, transformers, logic electronic controls, PCB design and assembly. Continued development of new advanced electronic controls has further established the signature style and distinctive identity of Sentera.

While we continue to be a well recognized manufacturer of HVACR controls in Europe, our long-term strategic plan is to increase international growth. Spanning across analog and digital technologies, Sentera offers the optimum solutions for a the whole range of companies across Europe. The new generation of products focus on unified communication protocols and networking, and last but not least advanced power consumption management. Sentera is proud to devise all of its core products, own know-how, engineering capability and workmanship.