Sensata Technologies

Electronics IndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2016

Sensata Technologies

Sensata Technologies is a world-leading supplier of mission-critical sensors and controls for the automotive industry. The company is part of the international holding company Sensata Technologies - a global manufacturing and technology company active in the development, manufacture and sale of sensors and control systems. The technical solutions that the company offers are widely used in the automotive sector, aircraft constructions, shipbuilding, military, trucks, HVAC, telecom industry and others.

Globally, Sensata Technologies turned 100 years old in 2016. The company has business centers and manufacturing sites in 16 countries around the world with over 19,000 employees. In Bulgaria, Sensata has been operational since 2011, following the acquisition of the Belgian company Sensor-Nite and its plant in Botevgrad.

The facility in Botevgrad has actually existed since 2002 and currently there are two manufacturing buildings and a test laboratory there. In addition, Sensata has operations in Plovdiv and Sofia - a business center hosting design engineering and testing, a customer service center, shared center and mechanization in Sofia, and a production plant in Plovdiv, where the company produces a different type of automotive sensors - pressure sensors - and also works with some of the biggest automotive producers in the world. The Plovdiv plant was officially opened in April 2016.

Sensata Technologies has invested over 40 million USD in its Plovdiv site and has recently revealed plans to increase the number of employees from the current 150 to 1,400 over time. Future investments in the current production in Botevgrad and the Business Center in Sofia are also on the way, revealed the company, and the planned overall investment for the Botevgrad plant & equipment will be 8 million USD for 2016 alone.