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New closed-loop current transducers, based on a custom Hall Effect LEM ASIC, perform at the level of fluxgate transducers, achieving the highest levels of quality and traceability using advanced manufacturing techniques.

Offset drift is over four times lower than the previous generation of closed-loop ... more

LATEST issue 2/2020

issue 2-2020


SEE Industry

Hi-tech machine building in Bulgaria

Hi-tech machine building in Bulgaria
An industry report by the Invest Bulgaria Agency outlines some of the unique opportunities for machine building that the country offers. ... more

Rubber and plastic products manufacturers in Slovenia

Rubber and plastic products manufacturers in Slovenia
The chemical industry is a leading branch of the Slovenian economy and the rubber and plastics manufacturing is among the most advanced segments of this business. ... more

Sava Tires

The company manufactures a varied portfolio of passenger car, SUV, light truck and truck tires. ... more


Makoter is a Slovenian manufacturer of packaging solutions, mainly polyethylene foil and bags. ... more

Sibo G

Sibo G is a Slovenian developer of closure solutions for tubes, containers and other packaging systems. ... more


Termoplasti-Plama is a traditional Slovenian manufacturer of PE products. ... more


Polycom is a provider of integrated development solutions for the automotive sector and other industries. ... more


Tehnos is an industrial manufacturer with a broad production range. ... more


Juteks is a traditional Slovenian manufacturer of PVC foam-backed floor coverings. ... more


The company manufactures industrial rubber products and tires. ... more


Isokon is among the leading companies in the Slovenian chemical and rubber processing industry. ... more


Roto is a popular Slovenian manufacturer of plastic products with a long tradition. ... more


Plama-Pur is a Slovenian manufacturer of flexible polyurethane foams. Established more than 50 years ago, the company today sells its products in Europe and worldwide. ... more


Company Articles

GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers in the Endrich delivery program

dipl. Ing. Zoltan Kiss Eastern European Sales ManagerEndrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH Global navigation is becoming more and more standard in the traffic, cars are equipped with ex-factory or aftermarket receivers, aircrafts, ... more

Our main activity is special machine-building - design, manufacture and installation of machines and production lines, according to customers’ needs

KMS Engineering Ltd. was founded in 1997 as a private family-owned company by Mr. Zapryan Mitev, who was one of the managers in KAM Plovdiv, a factory with 4000 people ... more

Varianti: We aim to implement orders as quickly as possible with minimum deviation from the set parameters

Varianti Ltd is established in 1990. The company develops as a producer of custom-made technical spring components and operates in its own production purposed building of 2300 m2. ... more

Silmet Ltd produces chip conveyors and hinged steel belts

The chip conveyors can be matched with CNC machine tools and conventional machine tools which give a lot of chips - short, long and chip bundle.There are 4 main types ... more

SOVIS - 50 years of tradition and professionalism

Dear friends, there are lots of family factories producing tools and plastic parts, but we would like to tell you why us:We can solve any problem immediately, because in difficult ... more

Plastic packaging solution and processing machinery from COLOR-PLAST

COLOR-PLAST is a company providing a full range of high quality services in the field ofplastic articles with individual design - bottles, jars, caps and technical details, etc. COLORPLAST was ... more

KCM Technology can cover complete

KCM Technology started its activity in the field of the non-ferrous metallurgy in October 2005, based on the former Investment and Process development Department in KCM AD. ... more

GARDA COM offers innovative surface treatment products and technologies from COVENTYA

COVENTYA is an international holding company which develops, manufactures and distributes special chemical additives for surface finishing with galvanic finishes. It is an established leader in the development of innovative ... more

The installations by Elica-Elevator optimize the manufacturing processes

Elica-Elevator LTD was established in 2007, yet the production line has been running since 2000. The manufactured equipment is presented by this trademark at local and international exhibitions, such as ... more

TIHERT - your partner for Tooling

Design, manufacture and repair of Tooling: ... more

SpaceCAD offers direct metal 3D printing services that produce great results for the most demanding projects

Direct Metal Printing (DMP) is a revolutionary manufacturing technology that makes it possible to produce high quality complex metal parts directly from 3D CAD data. In the machine, a high ... more