SelCom Ltd. - Custom Electronic Solutions Provider

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SelCom Ltd. - Custom Electronic Solutions Provider
SelCom Ltd. - Custom Electronic Solutions Provider


SelCom Ltd. is custom electronic solutions provider, designing, developing and manufacturing products, systems and applications under customer request. We help our clients turn their ideas into commercial products and services.

What we offer:
Electronic Design Services and Consultancy, covering the entire product design and development process: from an idea, trough system, circuit and board level design, embedded programming, PCB layout, prototyping and debugging, up to documentation for production. The team is highly qualified, with many years of experience, capable to bring every product to final success.

Manufacturing Services
• PCB fabfication of single-, double-sided and multilayer printed boards using our partners facilities
• PCB assembly – SMD soldering using partners assembly lines; manual soldering in-house of trough-hole components and electro-mechanical parts
• Parts sourcing and procurement using world-wide distributor network
• Functional testing and embedded programming
• Labeling, packaging and shipping
• Volume independent – large volumes, small production lots, prototypes, pre-production.
• Warranty and after-warranty maintenance
• Volume regardless, high-quality and cost-effective production.

Competitive Prices and Scheduled Delivery, proved by many customers in different projects.



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