SEEIM Survey for Photovoltaic Systems market in South-Eastern Europe

IndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2009

The global demand for energy of all kinds, the potential problems of climate change, the renewable features of solar energy and improvements in technology, has led to the evolution of renewable energy concept over the past few years. Use of solar photovoltaic (PV) has emerged as the most appropriate solution and has led to the rapid development of solar cell manufacturing worldwide. Although there is a considerable quantity of imported panels from Asia and West Europe, Southeast European domestic cell and panel manufacturers are also making their efforts to meet the growing market demand.
The presented article survey for “Photovoltaic Systems market in South-Eastern Europe” was carried out among 22 manufacturers and distributors of PV components, designers and PV system integrators from Southeastern Europe. The survey was focused on their main activities, types of manufactured or distributed PV system components, basic kinds of PV system projects, designs and provided auditing services. All the data used in this article is based on materials provided by the companies or published on their web-sites.

BG Solar
EM BG Ltd. also known as BGSolar is one of the first Bulgarian companies specialised in construction of photovoltaic power plants. Company has a broad portfolio of monocristalline solar cells, polycristalline solar cells, inverters, trackers for PV systems, etc. BGSolar is cooperating with world famous producers as IBC Solar, Trina, Sanyo, Steca, Kaneka, Fronius, SMA, etc.

BG Solar Panels Ltd.
was established in May 2008 with main subject – designing, developing and producing photovoltaic modules. The factory is located in city of Rousse, Bulgaria and covers area of 5 000 sq.m. Its current manufacturing capacity is 17 MW of solar modules. Company is applying two manufacturing technologies - Glass+Foil and Glass+Glass. The first one is the main product and the second one is used for building integration (BIPV), when requested by the customer. BG Solar Panels modules can be used on roof, facade or ground installation.
The product range includes modules from 50 to 250W, using the latest generation of high output, polycrystalline and monocrystalline cells. The modules are manufactured from selected materials using a process that guarantees high performance. Custom-made modules in the whole range from 50 to 250 W, as well as for building integration are also produced.

BISOL d.o.o.
Founded in June 2006, Slovenian company BISOL was a natural inheritor of Blues Solar, both at the time being in 100 % owned by the same person. The basic idea of founding BISOL was to diverse photovoltaics from the core business of Blues in order to make it independent and transparent to all potential investors. It was the first Slovenian company being active in the field of photovoltaics at mass production level.
BISOL produces high quality mono and multicrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules designed for both commercial and residential applications suitable for grid connected and stand alone systems. High output power modules consist of proven and certified materials. The current production capacity is 40 MW a year or 190.000 modules of peak power between 215 and 245 W.
The company decided in 2004 to set-up its own fabrication plant for the production of photovoltaic modules, the core elements of every PV system. Since then all modules have been tested and complied with the principal international standard IEC 61215 and IEC 61730, specially intended for photovoltaic modules. The certificate was granted to BISOL’s modules up to the highest 5.400 Pa loads, which is the maximum load at which the test are carried out.
In the coming years, BISOL wants to continue its fast growth exceeding average growth of the PV industry. In terms of production capacity, it is our goal to exceed 100 MW maximum production capacity, already by the end of 2010.

B Sys Ltd. was established in 2000 in Sofia, Bulgaria as a private company with main activities: construction design and engineering; implementation of photovoltaic power stations; design, production and engineering implementation of construction projects, in particular aluminium and plastic constructions, suspended facades, ventilated facings, sun-shading systems and automatization systems; BIPV – design, delivery and installation; integral solutions for managing the building micro-climate (Building Management Systems; solar heat-colectors.
The company has fully operating production line, equipped in highly productive digital machines from Elumatec – Germany. The company has developed policy for raising its production potential and increasing the product range embodied in Plan included in its Quality Management System. This system has been approved by Lloyd‘s Register Quality Assurance at 17-th March 2009.

Charger Decor
Charger Decor is a Bulgarian company specialized in designing, building and running of photovoltaic (solar) systems. “Desire and ambition of the company is always offering the best in the field of renewable energy sources (RES). Therefore together with our German colleagues and partners, we created a team of highly qualified and motivated professionals ready to make the most of yourself for achieving your goals. We also work with some of the best consultants in the field of Euro subsidies that could be giving you the most complete and accurate information about opportunities for grant funding under the European project development program”, stated Mr. Dragomir Drumev, CEO in Charger Decor.

EcoSolutions Ltd. was established in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. In the area of renewable energy the company cooperates with EST Energie & Solar Technik GmbH in Germany, one of the leading German companies in PV-solutions, with more than 20 MWp installed PV-systems. Having optimized its business structure in the IT sector, with a wide range of solutions and applications, providing integrated solutions and technical services of the highest standard, EcoSolutions is expanding its scope of activities in the field of new technologies. Company designs, installs, and delivers clean energy systems for residential and industrial use. Its products and services range includes advisory services to customers, so that they can choose and finance the optimum solution; grid connected photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic solar home systems - for areas without public power supply, small wind turbines, small hydroelectric plants, hybrid systems combining renewable energy sources and fossil-fuelled generators.

was found in 2006 with the main goal construction of systems for production of clean electricity by using renewable energy sources. ECOEL is fully committed to provide precise and best quality services at any stage of the PV system building process. Beside the delivery and building of PV systems the company has experience in the development of custom-designed solar park projects. Company provides monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin film panels, batteries, inverters, stationary, axle tracking, 2-axle tracking, brackets, profiles, diode lamps, emergency diode lights, lights for swimming pools, etc.

Enerco Bulgaria
Enerco Bulgaria is a company with long experience specialized in offering and constructing of energy saving solutions for buildings – solar systems for hot water, photovoltaic systems, air conditioning and heating installations, etc. In the PV field company designs, supplies and constructs fixed/ stationary and sun-tracking power stations. Enerco Bulgaria carries out consultations, preliminary project study, design work, construction and monitoring of photovoltaic systems.

European Ecological Development Association
European Ecological Development Association was established in April 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria as a non-profit legal entity to work for the public well being. The Association unites experts and for-profit and non-profit legal entities with experience in the filed of ecological technologies. Its purpose is to establish own structure in Europe and in the country in order to make popular the idea – cleaner environment through effective technologies.
The Association’s goal is to carry out exchange of technologies between various partners for a cleaner Europe. Every member of the Association, through professionalism and experience, shall cooperate with the state and local authorities and non-profit organizations in order to improve the energy efficiency in the country and in Europe.
About the PV market in South-East Europe Prof. Rady Ganev, executive director of European Ecological Development Association /EEDA/ said: “The PV market in South-East Europe has a huge potential, but the governments still have a strong regulative functions at this market, which make the whole process very slow and inefficient. There is no affirmative price for purchasing of the energy made from PV systems, as in other European countries. For example in Germany it’s 0,24 Euro for 1 kW/h.”.

GAIASOLAR Renewable Energy System house
company is specialized in solar PV and thermal system design, hybrid renewable systems, heat pumps, low energy and solar houses, solar trainings.
“This area is far behind the world average but will develop soon. East South Europe should concentrate rather on RE than financing conventional gas and oil (eg Nabucco) projects! They are very dangerous! Gaiasolar has started international activity to promote Renewable Energy application”, stated Tamas Veghely, general manager of  GAIASOLAR Renewable Energy System house.

GEIT Radoslavov Ltd.
The company was established in 1994. Its main activities in the beginning were related to electric goods, consultancy and research of the market. In the brief history of its existence, GEIT Radoslavov Ltd. deals with isolation materials, thermometers for power and distribution transformers, and other electric machines. Its last products are Photovoltaic power plants for production of electric power. Nowadays the company have two branches - the first one deal with electric goods and the second one with construction (complete service from the plot to the turn key projects). Company offers photovoltaic modules on the German stock company Wurth Solar GmbH & Co. KG, and controllers and inverters from Steca, Phocos, Conergy, etc. About the PV market in South-East Europe Mr. Galin Radoslavov, General manager of GEIT Radoslavov Ltd. said: “The market is very small. We hope more persons to learn about sun energy and start to thing about it.”

IDS Solar is part of the IDS Group, Switzerland. The company has extensive experience in the development and manufacture of power converters and systems for wind farms and solar installations. As a manufacturer of high quality converters and drives,  IDS Solar has the ability to provide system solutions for a wide range of applications: wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, oil and gas, linear drive systems, high voltage systems used to transfer energy and drive, propulsion systems including towing. and mining, process water (ozone).
For photovoltaic projects IDS provides integrated solutions in the range 10 - 1000 kW with optimized system solutions for maximum energy efficiency.

Main activities of Bulgarian company Motto Engineering are distribution of photovoltaic inverters from German company KACO, solar collectors of Solon, Sharp, N67Solar, Chaori; Design, construction and maintenance of solar systems and solar roof space parks, autonomous use - for example, local power supply of roadside vending machines, street lighting, remote buildings. Also consulting services in the field of photovoltaic systems - from preparing the conceptual design, through provision of credit and funding to support programs outside the warranty and warranty support.

Bulgarian company Ostbrucke is specialized in engineering and design of PV systems and solar power installations, preparation of documents for the electricity distribution company. OSTBRUCKE invests in installations to 5 kWp on leased rent roofs. About the PV market in South-East Europe Ivan Shalamanov, manager of Ostbrucke said: “The market at the moment is rich with PV equipment, made in Europe and Asia, the prices get lower, because of great number of manufactures. The sales are week, because good PV plant is not for the pocket of the simple citizens, but for the programs of EU – the administration of these projects is very heavy and for that reason for the moment the market is very week”.

Bulgarian company Profil-I Ltd. was established in 2007. Its main activities are focused on design, manufacturing and installation of aluminum and PVC structures for exterior and interior glazing of residential, public and industrial buildings; manufacturing of accessories for balustrade systems, furniture and exhibition structures, commercial furnishing and interior; manufacturing of aluminum profiles according to the customer’s drawing or design. Trade and manufacturing activities are carried out at Profil I own facilities under construction on an area of 15 000 square meters, including trade areas of 6000 square meters and production halls with an area of 3000 square meters. Ninety-five people are engaged in the company’s trade and manufacturing activities. The Center is located at the exit from Plovdiv to Pazardzhik towns and is easily accessible, with a sufficient number of parking places.
Profil I is also specialized in distribution of photovoltaic systems (5, 20, 60 kW), solar cells and modules, inverters, mounting systems, accessories for monitoring, control, protection and maintenance.

Greek company RenApps /Renewable Applications S.A./ is specialized in supply, installation and service of photovoltaic parks and geothermal projects. As a photovoltaics integrator RenApps builds PV parks for 3rd parties and also invests in its own PV parks.

is a Bulgarian company, specialized in the field of electrical power engineering, renewable energy sources and electrical power systems analysis. Its activities include preliminary research and consulting; Solar energy audit; Consultancy and preparation of papers for legalization of photovoltaic projects; preparation of technical design projects of photovoltaic plants and installations; Building of photovoltaic plants and instalations; Maintanance of photovoltaic plants and installations (in Bulgaria only).
Ris Elektro offers PV turn-key solutions covering the entire project from site and project assessment to plant design, engineering, installation, commissioning, operational service and maintenance. “Due to the guaranteed 25 year term for obligatory buying up, a preferable price and the existing subsidy programs, investments in photovoltaic power plants in Bulgaria become more and more attractive. A major factor for the success of the investment is the proper planning and management of the project in each development state: preliminary investigations- they include strategic planning of the activities, solar energy audit, estimation of the infrastructure available, receiving a decision for the way of connecting to the power distribution network, acquiring licenses”, stated from the company.

Macedonian company Sieto has a large experience in the design and development of tyristor rectifiers, DC and AC regulation of electro motors, inverters, UPS, switch regulators, main correctors, electronic equipment for railway vehicles, PV and wind systems.“As a company who cares for the preservation of the environment by the European and world standards, Sieto, in all of its products, is trying to mount components and technology that will enable minimal waste of energy, absence of environmental pollution as well as a possibility for recycling of the used parts. Also, a part of the Sieto production program is about the control of the quality and measuring of the air pollution. In context to our work for preservation of the natural resources, among the rest, the Sieto development team is trying to find new solutions and possibilities for alternative energy sources and power supply”, claimed Zvonko Markovski, managing director of Sieto Ltd.

Turkish company Solar-Led Technology is specialized in projects for solar energy production for off-grid, grid and stand alone systems and its usable areas like indoor-outdoor lighting, irrigation, cooling, heating, indoor appliances etc. The company is also manufacturing bulbs, tubes, armatures, projectors for in-door and out-door lighting needs. Provided services are consulting, design, installation, construction, engineering, project development services, education and training services, research services, contractor services, maintenance and repair services. Abouth the PV market Korkut Kircuval, General Manager , Solar-Led Techn.Ltd. said: “The Turkish Market will boost in very near time period. The North Irak and Iran and Syria kind of countries are also very hungry for those kinds of projects”.

Solarpro is a joint-stock company incorporated in Bulgaria in 2007. The main shareholder thereof is Kaolin AD, part of Alfa Finance Holding AD, a leading Bulgarian economic group with basic activities in the field of industrial mineral resources, finances and real estates.
The establishment of Solarpro is part of Kaolin’s strategy for green product development leading to greenhouse gas emission reduction.
Its vision is to become a leader in thin film Si PV modules production in Europe and in solar power plant system Integration in Bulgaria and neighboring countries.

Bulgarian-German company Solarkonzept Ltd. provides a wide range of products in photovoltaic and solar (hot water) field. The company is a distributor of all major brand photovoltaic modules, inverters and mounting systems for solar power plants, regulators and solar hot water systems. Solarkonzept Ltd. offers photovoltaic plants suitable for projects applying for European programs - measure 311 and 312.

STS Solar
Bulgarian company STS Solar was established in the beginning of 2007 as a part of STS Invest Holding Group. The company provides an all-spectrum service from domestic to worldwide clients as solar panels, inverters and PV solar power systems.
Its product portfolio includes inverters with range of capacity from 100W to 350kW; solar panels with range of output-power from 50W to 250W produced by one of the leading manufacturers in the world – Sanyo, Sharp, Kaneka, Suntech, IBC Solar and etc.
STS Solar also offers wide range of profiles, mounting elements and clutches.
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