EnergyIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 6/2009

EE and RES support for local energy policies

ENER-SUPPLY is the most recent International Project with EEA Partner participation - started the second half of 2009. Project partners are Research & study centres, energy agencies, Universities and Municipalities from 6 EU MSs - Italy, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and 5 candidate countries - Serbia, Harvatska, Bosnia & Herzegovina, FYROM and Albania. Bulgarian partner with the EEA is the Black Sea energy regional center (BSERC).
The Project objective is to support targeted Municipalities in larger RES usage and EE measures implementation, to identify potential financial sources and investors and to largely disseminate the final Project outcome and benefits. Eligible Target groups include professional Associations (of engineers, planers, etc.), together with all National and Local stakeholders that are active in the energy field.
ENER-SUPPLY Project foresees creation of an E-Platform with multilateral information and usage - on the basic EU Directives, models for Energy Budgets, management and optimization of energy demand, for best energy supply agreements, EE enhancement, Energy Management System - EMS different benefits. RES maps will be updated and/or created, together with feasibility studies for hybrid EE and RES applications.
Local Systems for EE and RES investment will be elaborated in several pilot Bulgarian Municipalities in the region of Dobrudja. "Training of trainers" and "On the Job training" will be performed with the leading participation of experienced partners from Partner MSs on State-of-the-art technological and technical knowledge and relevant legal & normative provisions; Public and Private best practices on energy resources management will be experienced on the spot.
As for public awareness, under the Project framework informational and promotional campaigns will be carried out for different target groups, together with energy days and video competition, an energy manual will be edited for project participants and largely distributed. The Project outcome will be available to Bulgarian Municipalities after its end, due to the EMS Concept. ENER-SUPPLY is financially supported under the EU 2007-2013 Program for SE Europe Trans-National cooperation - SEE, via the respective National Coordinator - the Bulgarian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. The project duration is of 36 months - till end of February 2012.

Source: Energy Efficiency Agency, Bulgaria

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