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Timers and temperature controllers produced in South-East Europe are well marketed in Europe, Asia, America and many other countries. They are known as high quality products, manufactured with state of the art technologies at good price. We present information about few of the regional producers of timers and temperature controllers, which took part in our article concerning their products. All the data used in this article is based on materials provided by the companies.

STS ELECTRONICS Ltd. STS Electronics 1 STS Electronics 2

is Bulgarian company located in Gabrovo. STS Electronics is manufacturer of automation equipment for food and beverage, cosmetic, military and textile industry. Product range of the company includes inductive, capacitive, optical, magnetic and supersonic sensors, electronic timers, programmable counters, programmable controllers, conductometric level-regulators, auxiliary electronic devices.


“EMKO ELEKTRONIK A.S. is Turkish company, based in Bursa. EMKO is well known producer of Measurement and Control Devices, TC&RTDs, Humidity&Temperature Transmitters, Generator Set products and Temperature Sensors”, says Mr. Cihan Cakir, Sales Representative in Emko Elektronik A.S.

Companies product range and services meet the needs of the textile, food, plastic, glass, automotive, chemicals, iron and steel, cement, machinery production and other sectors, with regard to the automation and process-control materials and services that they require. 

Also Serbian manufacturer, based in Belgrade is
BETA ELEKTRONIK Beta Elektronik Beta Elektronik 2

Company projects, produces and services industrial electronic equipment. “In our product range you can find digital thermo regulators, time and other electronic relays, protection relays against low/high voltage, over-temperature, phase failure or wrong phase direction for motors and pumps, different power supplies, air humidity meters and regulators, dc-dc converters, inverters, rectifiers and etc.”, says Mr. Aleksandar Berta, representative of Beta Elektronik. 


is also Bulgarian company, popular manufacturer of industrial control and measurement equipment, located in Plovdiv. “Production program of our company includes temperature and humidity sensors, temperature, humidity and other controllers, timers, counters, level controllers and sensors”, says Mr. Ivan Gajtandjiev from Vector 1 Ltd. Except producing of technical devices for automation VECTOR 1 Ltd. activities include design, engineering and consulting for industrial control systems. Company has great experience in manufacturing and put to production of control systems, based on conventional devices for measurement and control or based on PLC and operator stations for metallurgy (non-ferrous metals), energy and power plants, textile industry, food and beverage industries, packing and dosing machines, drying and cooling installations, canneries (autoclaves control), chemical industry and pharmaceuticals and for building materials producing industry. 


“Our company production program includes electromotoric actuators, valves, temperature sensors and microprocessor controlled temperature regulators. These temperature controllers are used in huge industrial facilities, for the automated guidance of heating, ventilation, special production demands in food or chemistry industry and etc. We have all domestic certificates of attested and proven quality from the Institute for Nucl. Physics Vinca, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade and etc.”, says M.Sc.Mech.Eng. Kornel Varga, junior engineer in AUTER Ltd. AUTER is Serbian manufacturer, based in Belgrade. Company’s production facilities are located in Gornji Milanovac (motors) and in Cacak (electronics). Engineering Department and headquarters are situated in Belgrade.

“We are seriously working, besides the competitive and expensive foreign companies, to prove that our domestic products have the same quality and efficient capacities,” Mr. Varga adds. 


is Bulgarian company, located in Plovdiv. Comeco is well-known and traditional producer of automation equipment. Company has 1600 sq.m. production plant space, 300 sq.m sales offices and subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Germany and USA. “Our annual production and sales volume includes 30000 sensors (temperature, level, humidity), 7000 control devices (controllers, process indicators, timers, etc.) and 4000 transmitters”, says Eng. Doncho Topalov, Export Sales Manager for Europe and Americas, COMECO Inc. Another aspect of COMECO’s business is the accredited laboratory for calibration of temperature, humidity and pressure testing and measurement equipment also based in Plovdiv. 


is Greek engineering and commercial company specialized in industrial electronics and their application. The company expertise covers all aspects of applications for the factory environment namely measurement (transducers and sensors), data processing and communication, control and actuation, automation and robotics and power and energy electronics. According to official materials published by the company, Cognito quam is specialized in the design and development of the following technologies, machinery and devices: motor voltage and frequency inverters and converters, thermal load control and management, adaptive panel controllers, variable speed ventilation drives, olive oil processing rejects control equipment, low Voltage and EMC CE marking compliance devices and equipment for production lines, three-phase programmable soft-starters, etc. 

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