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Temperature sensors and transmitters, produced in South-Eastern Europe are popular all over the world market. The reason is their high quality, state of the art technologies used in most of the products and good prices. That makes these products wanted and well marketed in different markets, one of the main sales destination is Western Europe. We present information about few of the regional producers of temperature sensors and transmitters, which took part in our article concerning these products. All the data used in this article is based on materials provided by the companies. 


is Serbian manufacturer, based in Belgrade. Company’s production facilities are located in Gornji Milanovac (motors) and in Cacak (electronics). Engineering Department and headquarters are situated in Belgrade.

Production Program: Automatics for HVAC, processing and food industry: electromotor driven valves and pistons, microprocessor regulators, huge electromotor machinery with electronics for continuous or impulse guidance, and temperature sensors PT100/PT1000.

AUTER’s products

“All sensors have protection casings and distance adjustments / pipe fittings. We install them directly on the pipes / conduits (heating or ventilation).

“The main export countries we work in are Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, mostly by Offers and Tenders supervised by the government of Serbia,” says M.Sc.Mech.Eng. Kornel Varga, junior engineer in AUTER Ltd. “The only reason that our sensors don’t have any certificate is because we make them for our application only, in our designs for HVAC, Food and Process industry, and like any other engineering companies, we offer our clients guarantee for the complete design and the function of our automated heating and ventilation solutions, in the shape of contract and warranty papers,” comments Mr. Varga.

Bulgarian company


is based in Plovdiv. COMECO has 2100 sq.m. manufacturing space, 1.6 mil EUR assets and 70 employees. The annual volume of its production includes 20000 sensors and 2500 transmitters. Company is well-known and traditional producer of automation equipment. COMECO designs and produces wide range of sensors - Temperature, Humidity, Level, Temperature Transmitters, and also Control devices, Actuator control products, etc. Another aspect of COMECO’s business is the accredited laboratory for calibration of temperature, humidity and pressure testing and measurement equipment.

COMECO’s products


is Turkish company based in Bursa. EMKO is specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing of Measurement and Control Instruments and Temperature Sensors. The production program includes Measurement & Control Devices, TC & RTDs, Humidity & Temperature Transmitters, Generator Set products.

EMKO Elektronik’s products

“Our product range and services meet the needs of the textile, food, plastic, glass, automotive, chemicals, iron and steel, cement, machinery production and other sectors, with regard to the automation and process-control materials and services that they require,” comment company representatives.

Bulgarian company


is manufacturer of large variety of technical systems for automation of production processes. MICROSYST has its own facilities – commercial and production, located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and equipped with precision instrumentation, test, computer and office equipment, machines and tools to ensure the manufacturing and trade activity of the company. The production program includes sensors, transmitters, process indicators and controllers, specialized controllers and control systems, hand held and laboratory instruments, counters, timers, flow meters, calibrators, data loggers, etc.

MICROSYST’s products

STRIP’s d.o.o.

The company STRIP’s is based in Vace, Slovenia. The Company is an OEM partner for electro technical products and electronics. The main production program is based on NTC temperature sensors / switches, electronic modules and LED lighting technology. STRIP’s was established in 1995 and has around 55 employees.

STRIP’s products

“Our many experiences, advanced technology, high flexibility and globally oriented purchase are enabling STRIP’s a competitive position and fast growing company. STRIP’s is supplying Slovenian, European as well as other world markets in the following branches: household and automotive industry, industry electronics, home electronics and other industry,” comments Simon Sarlah, Prokurist of STRIP’s. “Being European origin, we are globally oriented company with advanced technology, highest flexibility and competitive conditions,” says Mr. Sarlah.


is Bulgarian manufacturer for industrial control and measurement equipment, also located in Plovdiv. Production program includes temperature probes, probes for relative humidity, probes for level of liquids Controllers, indicators, timers, counters, dataloggers.

VECTOR 1’s products

“The goal of the company has always been to offer solutions and not simply a product and this has stimulated research and design in specific fields such as: measurement and control of process values, microprocessor techniques, digital control systems software,” explains Mr. Peter Todorov, President of VECTOR 1 Ltd. “The regional market is limited with typical low-cost prices,” comments Mr. Todorov.

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