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Irena Sumanteva, Sales& Marketing Manager, Hi-Tech Corporation (Macedonia): Visitors were mainly interested in flex printed circuit boards
The company: Hi-Tech’s production is focused on prototypes and low series of complex rigid up to 30 layers, rigid/flex and flex printed circuit boards using the latest production technology. Hi-Tech Corp. provides express service and is UL and ISO ... more

HI-TECH Corporation
Hi-Tech Corporation is an East European manufacturer of printed circuit boards specialized in express delivery of prototypes and small series of rigid, flex and rigid-flex multi-layer printed circuit boards up to 36 layers for the automotive, ... more

A leading policy of IVAS Tech is to offer high quality at a competitive price
Aleksey Bogomilov Stratev, Manager of IVAS TECH Please share with our readers some information about IVAS Tech and the company’s main scope of activity. IVAS Tech Company - Sofia was established in November 2000 with headquarters and management ... more

Electronic manufacturing in Bulgaria
The Bulgarian electronic industry can be defined by its longstanding history, tradition, and experienced and highly qualified workforce. During the 1970s and 1980s, Bulgaria was one of the leading Eastern European electronic manufacturers, and in ... more

SET PCB Technology and Steiner Elektronik, Eng. Stanislav Stoykov We are dynamic market-driven companies based on high flexibility
Eng. Stanislav Stoykov, Deputy Manager of SET PCB Technology and Steiner Elektronik Please, present the production activities of SET PCB Technology and Steiner Elektronik Ltd. As one of the largest electronic manufacturers in Eastern Europe we ... more

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) on South-East European Market
Electronic Manufacturing Services are among the most rapidly growing industries in the electronic production area. The development is due to a complex mix of reasons. Companies in the field broadened the spectrum of services they offer - from ... more

PRIMA-TECH-PRO LTD. provides a full portfolio of EMS services
PRIMA-TECH-PRO LTD. is a company situated in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, which has been providing its customers with a broad range of services for more than 25 years. The company´s business is aimed predominantly at the European market. It is ... more

Bulgaria is a key electronics manufacturing hub in Southeast Europe. The country is increasingly being preferred by many electronics assemblers and is set to emerge as one of the key recipients of foreign direct investments in electronics industry. ... more

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LTM Electronics

Design and manufacturing of:

• Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) and stencils;

• Control boards and keyboards;

• Electronic equipment;

• Led lighting.

Other main activities and services:

• Assembly of electronic ... more

ODAK Evropa PCB Ltd.

ODAK Printed Circuit Boards


Akcaburgaz Mah. Alkop San. Sitesi B-2 blok No:3-4

34522 Esenyurt/ ISTANBUL/ TURKEY

Tel:+90 212 858 00 36 (pbx)

Fax: +90 212 858 00 42

E- ... more


Printed Circuit Boards

From SET PCB Technology Ltd.!

Quality, fast and competitive prices from prototypes to professional serial production.

Single-, double-sided and multilayer, IMS PCBs

100% Electrical Test

Assembly ... more

Search results for printed circuit boards Found in company directories: 8

КАСИ ЕООД предлага на българския пазар поялни станции, разпояващо и ремонтно оборудване, тинол, припой, флюс, спояваща паста, лакове, антистатични материали, технологии за метализация на печатни платки и други материали за производство и запояване на ... more

Проектиране, доставка и производство на печатни платки, електронни компоненти, модули и устройства. Разработка на електронни устройства по идея или проект. Прототипи. Препроектиране, копиране и клониране, софтуер и програмиране микроконтролер. more

2BePresent е оторизиран представител на производители на печатни платки за България. Можем да ви съдействаме за мостри, цени, срокове на доставка, техническа информация. Представител сме на фирма FineLine - от 1-слойни до 42-слойни платки в мострени ... more

Доставка на специализирани материали, консумативи и оборудване за асемблиране на полупроводникови елементи, печатни платки и модерни решения за спояване. 3В Електроника ООД е единствен дистрибутор/партньор на: Henkel Electronics – широка гама ... more

Инова Груп EООД предлага решения за индустрията в няколко направления – Контрол на качеството, Индустриално оборудване и продукти за защита от електростатичен разряд в електрониката. Компанията представя на българския пазар европейски и световни ... more

Щайнер Електроник е един от най-големите производители на електроника в Европа. Компанията е фокусирана в осигуряване на по-добро и по-бързо производство на висококачествени монтирани печатни платки с добро съотношение цена/качество. Фирмата предлага ... more

Развойна дейност. Проектиране на печатни платки. Асемблиране на печатни платки - прототипи и малки до средни серии. Проектиране, изработка, монтаж и сервиз на системи за автоматизация, контрол и управление. Проектиране, изработка и монтаж на ... more

Дистрибутор на оборудване и материали от водещи световни производители за монтаж, инспекция, почистване и лакиране на печатни платки - от производство на прототипи и ремонт до високоскоростни автоматични линии. more

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North Macedonia receives financing to modernise SMEs and build green homes

North Macedonia receives financing to modernise SMEs and build green homes

Funds will be lent on to businesses to upgrade their production processes and equipment to EU standards, in particular with regards to product quality and safety, health and safety measures ... more
TeraPlast Group closes sale of steel companies to Kingspan

TeraPlast Group closes sale of steel companies to Kingspan

TeraPlast has received the second and last notice of approval needed for the transaction to be closed from the Commission for Protection of Competition in Serbia, it said in a ... more
TAP start of gas flows marks a historic step in supply diversification in Southeast Europe

TAP start of gas flows marks a historic step in supply diversification in Southeast Europe

TAP will facilitate gas supplies to South Eastern European countries through prospective interconnectors. In particular, Bulgaria will be able to cover up to 33% of its total gas demand through TAP after the completion of the Interconnector Greece ... more
Serbia cuts EUR 3,2 billion deal with CRBC for environmental protection projects

Serbia cuts EUR 3,2 billion deal with CRBC for environmental protection projects

The government of Serbia agreed with China’s CRBC on building a functional sewerage system and wastewater treatment plants in 65 municipalities across the country. The deal also includes rehabilitating or building six regional landfills ... more