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Bulgaria is a key electronics manufacturing hub in Southeast Europe. The country is increasingly being preferred by many electronics assemblers and is set to emerge as one of the key recipients of foreign direct investments in electronics industry. ... more

Electronics Sector in Turkey
The Turkish electronics sector supports more than 2,000 manufacturing companies and employs more than 30,000 people. Representing 2 percent of the total GDP, the Turkish electronics sector offers huge potential for investors. Competitive incentives ... more

Electronics Industry in Bulgaria
Electronics industry in Bulgaria has long standing traditions and highly-qualified, experienced work force. It’s generally export oriented - 75% exports. Main markets served are automotive, telecommunications and consumer electronics. The good level ... more

Equipment and services for electronics production in Bulgaria
Digitalization, Internet of things and automation technologies are to be among the driving factors of Industry 4.0, economists anticipate. Other recent tendencies in industry such as green technologies, smart technologies for energy consumption and ... more

Electronics Manufacturing Industry in Bulgaria
Major players, current status and market trends The following SEEIM Survey "Electronics manufacturing industry in Bulgaria" presents the results of an extensive survey organized by South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market magazine, to the main ... more

Antistatic (ESD) and EMI protection in electronics production
Unfortunately, electronic systems and devices can be vulnerable to being negatively impacted by electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electromagnetic interference (EMI). The industry has come a long way in understanding how electronic devices are ... more

Latest innovations in consumer electronics at IFA Berlin
The international trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances IFA 2019 is held from 6 to 11 September at the Messe Berlin Exhibition Grounds. The annual exhibition presents the latest products and innovations in the field of electronics ... more

TD Lighting Solutions
TD Lighting Solutions, TLS Technology Corp, was established in 2008 to serve fast, reliable, longevity and unique designs and to produce semi-finished lighting modules and light engines. To do so, the company invested on in-line fully automatic SMT ... more

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Lions Electronics Bulgaria

Lions Electronics Bulgaria Ltd

Official Representative for SEE region of

wireless communication and LBS Solutions

Very Low Prices for High Quality, Compact appearance, Low Power Consumption.

Fibocom GSM/GPRS modules have ... more

Teletek Electronics

Address: 14A Srebarna Str., 1407 Sofia, BULGARIA

Tel.: (+359 2) 96 94 800, 96 94 744; Fax: (+359 2) 962 52 13





... more

Comet Electronics


Your solution partner for
Seamless Integration
of Design Assistance,
Sourcing and Assembly

Актив Сълушънс

Интелигентни сградни системи

Сградна автоматизация (BMS)

Структурни кабели и консумационни системи


Контрол на достъп и СОТ


Оповестяване и озвучаване

Пълна инеграция

... more


Bulgaria, 1113 Sofia, 15-17, Tintyava Str.

tel.: +359 2 962 9385, tel./fax +359 2 962 9386

Primary parameters of the laser cutting G 6060:

•Cutting area size 600 x 600 mm

• ... more

Mitsubishi Electric Europe

MAPS dramatically reduces your engineering effort and costs throughout the life cycle of the plant

Engineers looking to develop and deliver integrated SCADA systems, and then operate and maintain those systems over a lifetime that could see ... more

Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs

Design of system cooling using DC axial fans - Part I

Claudius Klose - senior product manager of electromechanics components
Zoltan Kiss - export manager -
... more


Соларити представя: UPS системи от Delta electronics

Горди сме да представим на българския пазар една марка, добре позната в чужбина и изцяло нова за страната ни.

От началото на 2015 г. Соларити е официален търговски и сервизен център ... more

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DTK Electronics ( е компания специализирана в проектиране, производство и сервиз на оборудване и компоненти за телекомуникационни мрежи. От създаването си през 1996 г., българската компания работи в областта на разработването ... more

Доставка на специализирани материали, консумативи и оборудване за асемблиране на полупроводникови елементи, печатни платки и модерни решения за спояване. 3В Електроника ООД е единствен дистрибутор/партньор на: Henkel Electronics – широка гама ... more

Внос/ Износ. Търговия: Доставка на електронни компоненти за предприятия в областа на електрониката и енергетиката. Дистрибуция: * Royal Electronic Factory (Thailand) Co., Ltd. - Тайланд, производител на резистори RoHS, IATF 16949 AEC-Q200.* Kradex - ... more

реализацията на нестандартни инженерингови проекти в сферата на енергетиката, индустриалната и сградна автоматизация и механизацията. Интегратор на една от най-мощните индустриални системи – Ignition SCADA и сме представител на производителите на ... more

Дъщерна търговска фирма на Европейския производител на електронни и електромеханични компоненти за електронната индустрия Wuerth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG. Част е от Wuerth Group, световният лидер на пазара за монтажни и крепежни технологии. Във ... more

Представител на TTI в България е Ти Ви Ей Проджект. TTI е водещ световен дистрибутор на електронни компоненти, специализиран в областта на конекторите,пасивните, електромеханичните и дискретните активни елементи, сензори и захранващи мобули. Богатата ... more

Компанията е основана в България през 2008 г. и е част от Renesas Electronics Corporation. Занимава се с проектиране на ASICs и ASSP аналогово-цифрови интегрални схеми, както и всички, свързани с това дейности. Ренесас Дизайн България е доставчик на ... more

Екипът на КАРАДЕВ ЕООД е специализиран в проектиране и изработка на модули и цялостни решения във всички сфери на електрониката. Заданията, които се реализират за крайните клиенти са изцяло подготвени по техни условия за работата на даденото ... more

LATEST issue 2/2022

issue 2-2022



Preparations underway for MAKTEK Eurasia 2022

Preparations underway for MAKTEK Eurasia 2022

The scope of the fair encompasses automation systems, CAD/CAM/CAE & PLM software, CNC and conventional metalworking technologies, CNC control systems, cutting tools/holders, heat treatment equipment, Industry 4.0 and IIoT systems ... more
9th edition of Supply Chain & Logistics Expo to be held in October 2023

9th edition of Supply Chain & Logistics Expo to be held in October 2023

The 3 main areas of the exhibits are transport services and logistics, warehouse equipment and technologies, commercial vehicles and green transport ... more
Eco Wave 2022 to showcase latest technologies for the green economy

Eco Wave 2022 to showcase latest technologies for the green economy

Visitors of Eco Wave are managers and executives responsible for strategic planning and procurement, government officials, experts, researchers, technicians, media representatives, and others ... more
WorldFood Istanbul to be held for the 30th time

WorldFood Istanbul to be held for the 30th time

The 29th WorldFood Istanbul which was held in 2021 became the largest exhibition on square meter basis in its history and it achieved great success by reaching the highest number of visitors ever ... more