Schreiber Foods acquires Danone`s production facility in Sofia

BusinessSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2013

American company Schreiber Foods will acquire Danone`s production facility in Sofia - "Danone Serdika", according to information from Danone.

The sale of the plant is part of the French giant - Danone Group`s  strategy for optimizing the production capacity, costs and improving the competitiveness, following the group’s weak results in Europe in the last months. Danone is also transferring its production capacities in Portugal and the Czech Republic to the American company.

The deal includes transfer of all production facilities and Danone products, produced in the Sofia plant, but not selling the company "Danone Serdika" JSC. After acquiring all production capacities Schreiber Foods will continue producing all Danone products and will keep all the fabric’s employees.

The deal would have a positive effect on the local partners, suppliers and farmers and would also maintain the quality of the Bulgarian products, according to Danone.Schreiber Foods is a leading dairy product manufacturer, specializing in the co-production of Private labels.

The American company is going to implement its good manufacturing practices and extensive industrial know-how in Europe, they say from Danone.