SAMSON’s explosion-proof positioner

NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 6/2005

The Type 3731-3 Positioner with HART communication from SAMSON has the same excellent features - low power consumption and convenient configuration either using HART communication or directly on site. Only one rotary pushbutton is needed for start-up: turn to select parameters and push to activate them. This convenient method of operation is still possible in hazardous areas. The shaft design of the rotary pushbutton through the housing is flameproof. The explosion-proof enclosure with separate terminal compartment allows direct cable entry or connection without spark barriers for cable conduit systems.

Thanks to its high-performance microprocessor, the positioner is easy to operate and completely versatile in function. The hybrid technology from SAMSON sets a milestone in positioner development: The analog control helps the positioner achieve an unsurpassed positioning performance, allowing the microprocessor to concentrate on other tasks.