Samet Isak, Polaris Lighting: We invest continuously in modernizing our production

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Samet Isak, CEO of Polaris Lighting

Please present briefly your company’s activities.
Polaris has been involved in the manufacturing and distribution of lighting fixtures for more than 20 years. Over that time, our production program has changed significantly as lighting develops at dynamic rates and we have always tried to keep up with the latest trends or even create new trends.

Over time, we have invested huge resources in modernizing our production facilities as well as in training of qualified workers. Each new model is tested for efficiency, light diffusion and electromagnetic compatibility. For that purpose we have been cooperating for years with the Technical University of Varna and recently we started cooperation with the Technical University of Sofia.

What are the main types of lighting fixtures that you have been manufacturing during the last year?
The highest percentage of our production line is still occupied by office lighting fixtures using luminescent tubes but over time they are gradually replaced by LED lights. To make a comparison, over the first semester 2014 we have 320% growth in the distribution of LED lighting fixtures compared to last year.

The distribution of industrial lighting fixtures of the Italian company Beghelli, whose major distributor for Bulgaria we have been for 15 years, is also not negligible. To assure better flexibility, the products are imported as components and assembled locally.

According to you, how will the manufacturing of LED lights develop?
There is no doubt that within a couple of years they will completely replace lighting fixtures that use conventional sources because both the light flow and the quality of light are continuously improved. Unfortunately, most clients are mainly concerned about the price of the product.

This is the reason why people think that light-emitting diodes are not as reliable as it is considered. In the development of a LED light we focus on several points: cooling of the LED, power supply to the LED, optical system for better diffusion, quality and model of the LED, and design of the fixture.

Are Bulgarian manufacturers able to keep up with the world technological level?
There are some manufacturers in Bulgaria who work at world level offering products of exceptional quality at acceptable prices and that is why they are preferred not only in Europe but also across the ocean. Since 2013 we successfully export part of our products, mainly to European countries. Our major clients are located in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Macedonia.

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