Rumen Tsintsarov: Sodibul offers high-tech machine tools with Japanese quality by PINNACLE – Taiwan

MachinesInterviewSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2019 • 20.03.2019

Rumen Tsintsarov: Sodibul offers high-tech machine tools with Japanese quality by PINNACLE – Taiwan

Rumen Tsintsarov, Manager of Sodibul,

for South-East European Industrial Market magazine


Which Taiwanese manufacturers are part of your company`s partner network, how long have you been cooperating and which of their products do you offer on the Bulgarian market?

Sodibul is a limited liability company with headquarters in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The company was established in 2009. Our main business activity aimed at market development is the presentation of prominent machinery manufacturers in the field of machine building and metalworking.
For years we have been successfully working with leading Asian machine tool makers such as SODICK – Japan, PINNACLE – Taiwan, and the European headquarters of the Chinese manufacturing company Chen Hsong, located in the Netherlands.

What are the advantages of the products and technologies made in Taiwan and how are they positioned in the competitive Bulgarian market?

Sodibul offers the Taiwanese machine tool brand PINNACLE on the Bulgarian market. The Asian company was established in 1976 and has long-standing traditions and experience in the manufacturing of metalworking machines.

PINNACLE provides 3- and 5-axis vertical and horizontal centers for milling and turning. The machines of this brand are in the “high class” category. They are used in the production of tooling and accessories, as well as in the medium- and large-scale production. The advantage of selecting PINNACLE machines is that the customer gets Japanese quality but at a much better price than the Japanese models.


What are your impressions of the collaboration with your Taiwanese partners?

Our partnership with PINNACLE has been extremely successful, both because of the high quality of the machines and the high level of collegiality and affiliation. Sodibul has the ambition to sell twice as many machines as any previous year. This is why the partnership with the best and leading manufacturers is vital to our success.