RS Metali

MachinesIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2015

RS Metali operates two plants in Croatia - Samobormetal - Sveta Nedelja and Rapid - Virovitica. The foundry produces wide range of single and serial castings in completed technological process from drawing to semifinished or finished, machined product. Castings weigh from 0,10 kg up to 350 kg.

Among the main segments of the company’s business are the production of castings and the production of patterns and tools.

The production of castings according to kind and qualitiy of material includes: grey cast iron in quality from GJL-100 to GJL-300; nodular graphite cast iron in quality from GJS-400 to GJS-700; non-ferrous castings in quality: Bronze RG-5 to RG-10, Bronze GBz-10 to GBz-20, Bronze CuAL9 to CuAl10Fe5Ni5, Brass CuZn15 to CuZn40Pb, Aluminium ALSi6Cu to ALSi12.

In two well equipped pattern shops RS Metali produces patterns and tools for single, small serial and serial production of castings. For pattern production it uses wood, for single castings, and for serial production, plastic combined with metal plates and tools for shalco production of cores.

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