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Romania is one of the first fifteen worldwide wine producers and sixth wine producer in Europe. The best known wine making regions in Romania are Dobrogea and Murfatlar in the south east, Dealul Mare around Buzau, Tarnava in central Transylvania and Cotnari in Moldova.

In the west, the deep reds of the Recas vineyards have an increasingly loyal following. While Romania grows international varieties of grape from Sauvignon Blanc to Merlot, the country also boasts a number of excellent native grapes.

The best local varieties are probably the noble, blackcurrant-tinged Feteasca Neagra (red), Feteasca Alba (white), Feteasca Regala (white) and the aromatic, honey-like Tamaioasa Romaneasca (white).

At present there are 360 wine making companies in Romania. The most important of them are Murfatlar, Jidvei, Vincon Vrancea, Cotnari, Recas, Halewood Winery, Samburesti Domains, Vinarte, Lacerta Winery, etc.